When selling your property, the first that your viewers will see of it in the flesh is the frontage, whether this is your front garden, your door from the street, or an internal apartment door and hallway. Everything you do here sets the tone for the viewing that follows; if the viewers are put off badly enough by the external presentation, they may not even come in and view the inside of your house, and any internal work you’ve done will be wasted.

If you’re in a flat or apartment, you may be limited in what you can do, as some building managers won’t allow fixtures, fittings, or even freestanding items. At the very least, the building entry, and the internal route to your apartment must be clean and tidy, and you may want to consider cleaning the area beyond your apartment, as some viewers will look at the whole hallway area.

If you’re selling a house, the same cleanliness applies, with some extra considerations. Any front garden should have weed-free planting borders, well-cut lawns and manicured shrubs, plants and trees. Any overgrown trees that overshadow the house should be cut back. Driveways and pathways should be clear of obstructions, any oil stains from car parking should be cleaned up, and you should consider laying out some attractive pot plants, or maybe hanging baskets, to brighten up the frontage.

Most of the above can be achieved with little expense, but if there are any maintenance issues that need to be attended to, it will pay dividends to make the effort in advance of any viewings; any worn or weathered external paintwork, broken or leaking guttering – all of these and anything similar must be attended to, otherwise you risk putting viewers off before they even step over the threshold.