Attracting and keeping good tenants is what every landlord dreams of. With the right approach and a little bit of planning you can reduce your stress levels during a tenancy considerably.

Some landlords just can’t seem to get a break with good tenants. It is most likely that they have failed to do some fundamental things to reduce their risk. Happy tenants are good tenants and so with some simple steps you can enjoy relations between tenants and yourself.

Vet your tenants before they move into your property

Perform a background check on all prospective tenants. Look at references to see what previous landlords say. Unfortunately you can’t always get this spot on. A previous landlord or reference maybe a friend of the tenant and write a favourable report which is not indicactive of the tenant. Ask more than one question, probe the reference for information about what kind of tenant they will be. Chances are if they are a bogus reference they will start to sound uneasy and confused after the initial “yes she was a perfect tenant” response. Pay attention to how the reference reacts and follow your gut instinct.

Be responsive

Don’t ignore your phone calls and if you miss the call contact your tenant back right away. Make sure your tenant knows their interests and comfort during the tenancy are important to you.

Keep in touch with your tenant

If you haven’t heard from your tenant in while drop them a call to see how they are. Even if the tenant is paying the rent on time. The gesture will just remind them that you’re a good landlord. But remember not to overdo it – they may feel you’re keeping tabs on them.

Leave a gift when they move in to your property

Leaving a bottle of wine or some milk in the fridge for your tenant on move in day may seem like a small gesture but it will be huge for the tenant. It shows you have a human side. Why not go a bit further and send them a birthday and Christmas card? These things don’t have to break the bank but go along way.

Take care of all property maintenance quickly

As a general rule take care of all maintenance repairs within 2 days. No tenant wants to be told they can’t have a hot shower for a week. It’s your duty to ensure tenants are kept comfortable and their living conditions are kept to a good standard. You should be keeping your property in good repair with a tenant or without, as it will only cost you more in the long run.

Remember your tenant is your greatest asset. By making sure they are happy tenants they will most likely stay longer, be less troublesome and when they do eventually move (although why would they with such a good landlord) provide you with good tenants to take over from them, saving you time and money.