​As a landlord, it is easy to overlook minor issues. We always recommend having regular inspections on your property to help you catch a small problem before it turns into a large expense.

The of the most common problems I have found in my experience is water damage/leaks, The first signs of water damage might seem minor: a little drop here and there – nothing that cant be wiped up quickly.

But warnings like water stains on the ceilings or water dripping from under the kitchen sink can lead to real problems like ceiling collapsing or rotten floorboards. It’s important to identify a water leak early. Ongoing leaks can completely damage walls, ceilings, and a tenant’s possessions, mold can also occur very quickly. Costing you lots of money to put right.

Simple steps like checking for any grout that may have cracked between tiles or sealant surrounding the bathtub / shower cubical has loosened therefore no longer water proof could save you a big headache in the long run. Damp around the boiler, sink, toilet anywhere that a leak could occur from.

We always recommend the landlord to show the tenants where the shut off valve is for the main water feed into the property, also the gas shut off valve. In the case of a burst pipe or suspected gas leak it can be shut off immediately preventing more damage.


No one can get by without their boiler, that’s why It’s important for you to you arrange a regular boiler service – even if your boiler appears to be working fine. A service may be included with your boiler cover. It could save you money, time & hassle in the long run.

Smoke & Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Without these you will never know if there is a possible leak, carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless, invisible and poisonous gas. Both smoke & carbon dioxide detectors can save lives. Install your carbon monoxide alarm at least one meter away from your boiler if your boiler starts to produce carbon monoxide it will go off. Remember to test both fire and carbon monoxide alarms at regular intervals.


Blocked gutters may seem minor, but could cause problems such as damp and damage & may cause the render to crack.


Check for any cracked tiles and any lead flashing around the chimney which may have became loose. Any leaks from the roof could cause serious damage.

Condensation problems

Usually arise after the summer months when it starts getting a bit colder. To help reduce the amount of moisture in the building you have to keep it well ventilated, either putting some vents into the rooms most prone to moisture or extractor fans.