​When viewing a property to rent, it’s easy to get carried away and forget to ask the important questions. Prior to the viewing, it pays to make a check-list, ensuring you don’t miss anything that may cause problems should you choose to move in.

For example, how has the property been maintained? Are the outside walls and guttering in good condition? Is there any sign of damp, or any major repairs that are needed inside the property?

Secondly, consider safety. Ask the landlord or letting agent to show you the safety certificates for gas and electrical appliances. Are there burglar alarms, and are the locks in good condition? Talk to the current tenants or neighbors and quiz them on the property and surrounding area.

Finally, is the area convenient for you? Are there nearby transport links? How far away is it from school, work, or leisure facilities? Remember, renting a property is a big decision, so ensure you ask the right questions before committing.

Should you require anymore information our team are here to help