It can be difficult finding somewhere to rent when you are a pet owner. Many rental properties allow small pets like hamsters or mice, but few landlords and letting agents are willing to turn a blind eye to larger pets like dogs and cats. Although it can still be a struggle, following a few simple tips can help make rental searching much easier for pet owners.</p>

Be Flexible with Your Property Search

Pet owners will quickly find that they can’t be picky when it comes to the location and type of property they are looking to live in. The decision will always be at the landlord’s discretion, so it can be a frustrating experience. It can be difficult finding a furnished flat that allows dogs because landlords may be concerned about noise complaints from neighbors and damage to the furniture, for example. In these circumstances, you may have to be prepared to pay more and consider renting a larger, unfurnished property, like a duplex apartment or house.

Offer to Pay a Higher Deposit

Many landlords are apprehensive about allowing pets because of the damage they can cause. Cat’s claws can damage furniture and flooring and dogs bring in mud and dirt from the outside (some dogs have a tendency to chew furniture and fixings, too). Protesting to potential landlords that your pets are well-behaved and clean will likely fall on deaf ears, so instead offer to pay a higher deposit. This will give landlords the peace of mind that they will be able to recuperate any expenses from damages caused by pets following the end of the tenancy.

Provide References

If you have lived in other rental properties with your pets, ask your old landlord for a reference. This can help convince new landlords that your pet is well behaved and that you are a responsible pet owner.