​Keeping tenants for longer is key if you want to minimise tenant turnover and the risk of your property sitting empty. Take a look at some of our thoughts on how we think you can keep a tenant for longer.

Keep loyal tenants

Developing a personal touch into all your tenancies is one of the best ways to create loyalty and keep tenants for longer. A simple birthday card or a gift at Christmas doesn’t cost much compared to an empty property in between tenancies and can go a long way.

Taking care of maintenance quickly

As a rule of thumb always try and repair maintenance complaints within 14 days of being told about the issue. Keep in regular contact with the tenant as the repair is being organised so that they know something is being done. A lot of tenants we speak to say that their number one issue that causes them the most frustration is the landlord not fixing maintenance jobs quickly.

Realistic rents

Keeping a rent level consistent with the area and type of property is important to research before you make any rental increases. The cost of paying for an empty property (mortgage etc), maybe more expensive than keeping your rental income at a realistic affordable level.

Tenants are your customers

Tenants are your customers and looking after them is key in order to attract and keep them for longer. When advertising your property think about possible incentives that may help a tenant want to stay for longer. You could advertise as bills included, you could advertise a property with an internet and TV package included. Take a look at properties advertised in the area and see what may help your stand out from the rest. Remember that knowing what type of tenant is looking for properties in the area will help you understand features a tenant may like.

Performing good quality reference checks

We can’t stress how important this is that’s why we always make sure we perform fully comprehensive checks. A good quality check will help you determine if the tenant maybe likely to stay long term so you can make a decision whether or not to rent to them.

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