​Although it is not yet a legal requirement to hold an electrical certificate, you could be taking a huge risk not by getting one.

If a landlord is found to be negligent over electrical safety issues you could face fines or even imprisonment, it really is not worth the risk. It is recommended that an electrical safety check should be carried out every 5 years. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your tenants by identifying potential risks and reducing the hazard to an acceptable level, you are also protecting your property.

Top Tips

Make sure appliances supplied are complete and in working order and note this is your inventory –always keep purchase receipt safe

Try to Keep supplied appliances to a minimum

Always have second hand equipment checked to ensure they are in good working order

Leave any operating instructions and safety warning notices supplied with the appliances

Important for tenants to know the location of and have access to the main consumer unit, fuses and isolator switch

Check all fuses are of the correct type and rating

Make a note on the inventory of the fuse ratings

Check that plugs are of an approved type with sleeved live and neutral pins.

Ensure that earth tags are in place.

Highly Recommended

A landlord or agent (use an electrician if you are not confident) should conduct visual inspections in a residential property and should be carried out annually. Record it down on a safety check list. Always get periodic inspections of electrical equipment by a qualified electrician every 5 years, keep all records of these inspections safe.