​One of the owners of Zevizo Properties has been asked to conduct a live Q and A session on The Guardian website.

From a layman’s perspective, setting up an online business is easy. The media bombards us with stories of people who run a website from their kitchen and become millionaires overnight.

Not only that, but we are forever told about scam artists who set up fake websites to take our money or collect our card details or other information for fraudulent purposes.

These stories give a false impression. If you just set up a website, however polished, no one will see it.

With the millions of web sites to choose from, getting yours seen by people in a position to buy your product is incredibly difficult. The website itself is a very small part of this jigsaw.

Zevizo Properties the online estate agent has a very successful web site. However, this has taken a lot of hard work, technical knowledge, professional advice and financial outlay.

One of our owners, Nick Tamplin is conducting a live Q and A on The Guardian website about growing a business online. This is a fantastic feather in our cap. It is great to be recognised by a national newspaper as a company that can offer professional, relevant advice to business owners and start-up operations across the UK.

So why us?
Zevizo is a very successful operation in an extremely competitive market, i.e. the online estate agent market. We are not only competing against other online estate agents but also local traditional agents and the huge number of opportunities vendors have to sell their house for free.

Not only that but we are also in a position of having to educate the market about selling their home online rather than via the traditional route.

As an online business a core aspect of our sales and marketing strategy is our web site. Without it we would not have a business.

Our website fulfils a number of key functions:

1. Gives potential customers information about our products and services
2. Gives customers the first impression of our company
3. Helps us to provide facilities to customers like free valuation reports on their properties
4. Provides a medium for communicating with customers e.g. blog posts etc.
5. Gives our customers the facility to contact us via email, online chat or requesting a call back.
6. Allows our customers to purchase our products.
7. Tells customers about the individuals behind the company and gives details on how to contact us.
8. Gives us data capture opportunities in order to follow up potential prospects.
9. Provides a range of incredibly useful data that helps us refine our business and maximise sales opportunities.
10. Helps us to publicise properties we have for sale or rent.

We are incredibly proud that one of our owners has been asked to contribute on how to grow your business online. We have worked incredibly hard to market our website and to grow into a successful online business. Our growth over the last year has been nothing short of meteoric and this is set to continue.

Zevizo Properties is a national online estate agent. We market properties on all the major property websites. Our fees start from as little as £445 plus VAT.