Things to do when moving house

Things to do when moving house

What are the 8 things to do when moving house

Firstly you check it out! Once you’ve got the keys to your new property having been through the process of buying a home, you’ll want to walk round it from top to bottom, inside and out. But, wait up! Is it all as it appears on the surface? You wouldn’t believe some of the horror stories we’ve heard, or may be you would…

Once you’ve signed the contract and you are packed up and on your way to your new home with the movers in tow, you’ll be feeling pretty happy.  But have you done the 10 things to do when moving house?

It’s quite a long process buying a house in this country and everyone feels that sense of euphoria, but try to keep your feet on the ground for the moment. We’ve heard of one couple who didn’t inspect the property adequately and it was only when strolling around the grounds that they realised that a line of trees that had originally been planted as a hedge was now sky high, was leaning dangerously towards the house and needed either pruning or taking away urgently. This was a costly exercise for the couple and could have formed part of the original negotiations but they were so wrapped up on how much they loved the house, they didn’t really look around outside that much.

So its moving day, you’re on your way to your new home, you have picked up the keys with an inventory list of your belongings and a floor plan marked up so you know roughly where to instruct the movers to leave each packing box when they unload. Is the first time you’ve been to the property since buying? If so, that’s a shame. Sometimes its worth taking advantage of an empty property to inspect it and do any necessary work needed, it could make life so much easier, as you’ll never have this opportunity again.  So what are some of the things you can do? You could go in and fumigate (wise if the previous owners have had pets); deep clean the carpets, do some decoration, check behind any newly decorated areas or newly fixed panels (to see if they are hiding any problems underneath); change the door locks and inspect the wiring, where the switches are, the heating system and the smoke alarms. We knew of one couple who only realised there were no batteries in the smoke alarms a whole year after they moved in, potentially putting the whole family at risk.

So what are the 8 things to do when moving house?  Take a look below to limit the stress on this important but potentially very stressful day.

1.Make sure you have the essentials

Unpack essentials so you can make tea, find the milk and sugar and unpack the kettle – most people keep a box to hand in the car and take this in with them on arrival.  If you can put all Kitchen items in the Kitchen, Bedroom items in the Bedroom etc.  Make sure all the essential items are easily accessed and of course making sure you have plenty of tea/coffee breaks to keep the move going swiftly.

2.Check where all the switches and alarms are placed

There’s nothing worse than fumbling round in the dark when night falls because you are in an unfamiliar bedroom and the kids don’t know where the switches are, or how the layout of the house works yet either.  Alarms may go off unintentionally so make sure you know whee the control panels are and you know how they work.  As mentioned previous test your smoke alarms it should be the first thing you do before you start unpacking.

3.Know how the heating system works

Check the heating system controls and that the heating system is working if you move at a time of year when you may want to put it on.  We all know there’s nothing worse than a cold house especially when your moving during the winter.  You may also spot a few problems if the heating system hasn’t been used in quite a while.

4.Get the house insurance sorted

Have you got your household insurances in place? Most mortgage companies will insist on proof before granting a mortgage, but it’s worth putting on your checklist.  Contents insurance is also a must, you never know when you could need it

5.Make the house private

Make it a priority to put up the curtains or blinds if there are none in the property, there’s nothing worse than going to bed feeling you are being stared at by the new neighbours as all your lights are beaming down the street!

6.See the neighbours

If you have time, say hello to the new neighbours, who knows they may even help you move!  You’ll most likely be getting some looks of interest when the removal van pulls up in the street so why not get off on the good foot and say “hello!”.  Also check out the local shops, familiarise yourself with the local community facilities – all handy stuff if you get caught out e.g. someone forgot to pack the tea bags.

7.Do an Inventory

Check the inventory as the movers unload so nothing is purloined, broken or forgotten – who was the last person to check that everything had been removed from your old house? Did anyone take a last good look round?  Its really easy to forget items during a move and its not uncommon for people to leave items behind.

8.Just a tip!

You’ll never know when you’ll need them again and there may be something you need help with in the near future so if you’ve got hired help or people helping you move make sure you give them a tip or some form compensation before they leave. So tip the movers, pay up, wave goodbye and try and relax.  Enjoy a nice meal in your new home and raise a toast to your new beginnings!

That concludes our 8 Things to do when moving house blog post.  We hope its helped you, if there’s anything else you can think of don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section below.  Whats your main priorities when moving house?  Do you have a list or just see how it goes?

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