​Have you ever walked around a property with the estate agent and wondered what the crime is like in the area? Not something we immediately think of or that a lot of people factor in to their house hunting decision, but a very important one we believe that all house buyers should look at. The police website is an excellent source of information about an area and one we highly recommend you use to protect your investments before purchasing a home

You may be looking at a house and thinking “how could there be crime here it looks so peaceful”, don’t let appearances deceive, you would be surprised where you may find suspicious goings on. Just because an area you like has a good reputation you can’t really trust what goes on until you check. Likewise this works both ways is there a property you like but will not even comprehend looking at the property as you friends cousin says it’s a bad area to live due to crime? It’s always good to get as much information as possible.

You may be thinking “why should you even care to check? I know the area” For a quick 10 minute check you could save yourself a lot of money in the long run. High risk areas mean bigger insurance premiums and a larger cost to you so it pays to double check the crime statistics.

Checking the police.co.uk website is a very effective way of checking the local crime statistics in your area or an area your think of moving. Use the site to find out outcomes of recent crimes, statistics and any recurring crimes in the area. A valuable source of information when house hunting or buying a home. For more information on how to use this valuable tool get in touch with one of our experienced online estate agents and we will be happy to guide you.