​If you are planning to sell your house privately or you want the extra advertising muscle of an online estate agent taking great photographs is vital. We tell you how.

Savvy sellers are becoming aware that they don’t need to pay a high street estate agent 1% to 3.5% of their property’s value to sell it quickly.

Many buyers are trying to sell their properties privately to avoid fees altogether or are using online estate agents. There are positives and negatives to selling your house privately.

· The main positive is that if all goes well you can sell your house without instructing an agent thus making a huge potential saving.
· The negative is that, as a private seller, you don’t have access to the main property websites used by agents. As such your house is seen by a much smaller audience and may not attract the right buyer.

The solution is to use an online estate agent like Zevizo Properties. The majority of our customers are savvy sellers who want to take advantage of the advertising facilities of an agent but don’t want to pay a fortune for the privilege. Zevizo Properties can list a property on all the major property websites from as little as £445 plus VAT.

If you decide to try to sell your property privately you will need good quality photos. Also if you decide to use an online estate agent, having photos ready will speed up the process and may be reflected in the fee you are charged.

1. Preparation is everything. Imagine you are preparing your house for a viewing before any photographs are taken. This is the first look at your property that potential buyers will have. Make sure the house is clean, tidy and completely free of clutter. Make sure the kitchen worktops are clear, the loo seat is down and any items like a pile of ironing or some dirty football boots by the back door are stashed out of sight.

2. You do not need to spend a fortune on a camera. Even the most basic digital camera can give excellent photographs. However, do not take the photographs using your mobile phone. The quality may look fine on the screen but when uploaded the lack of quality will be visible.

3. Think about the image you are trying to sell. What kind of buyer do you think your property will appeal to? If it’s a family home make sure you have images of the important areas like gardens and extra reception rooms. If it’s for older couples you might include images of hobby rooms or outbuildings if you have them.

4. Think about the key selling points of your home. If you have a lovely family kitchen take shots from lots of different angles to get the best possible image. If you have a large, well maintained, garden take a range of pictures.

5. Use lighting to good effect. Using flash is not the best idea as it will reflect off shiny surfaces and create shadow. Use as much natural light as possible. Open doors and curtains. Take internal photos during the middle of the day if possible to maximise natural light.

6. Take lots of pictures. Using a digital camera allows you to take a huge number of photos. Take advantage of this. Get snap happy and use the best shots for the advertising. A view that looks mundane to the naked eye can look fantastic in a photograph.

7. Experiment with angles. When viewing a photograph the eye is drawn to the centre of the picture. Taking shots from different angles can make use of this. Don’t be afraid to take photos from above and below the image you want to capture.

8. Use a tripod if you can. These are an additional expense and of course it depends on the camera you have. However a photograph using a tripd will be professional and avoid even the slightest movement of the hand which can reduce photo quality.

9. Don’t forget the outside spaces. Your garden, garage, or shed can help to sell your property to the right buyer so make sure you take photos. Obviously this depends on the condition of the outside areas. Taking a snap of a dilapidated shed will not help the sale.

10. Always include photos of the front or entrance of the property. Curb appeal is vital in attracting the right buyer. As part of your preparation you should have updated the front of your property to make sure it is clean, tidy and welcoming. This creates the best possible first impression. If the weather is not great, take the external photos on another day. The external view is too important to include photos that are not of the right quality.
Taking great photos will make all the difference in attracting the right buyers to your property. If you have good photos Zevizo Properties, the online estate agent can upload your property on all the major property web sites within 48 hours.

Zevizo Properties are a national, online estate agent marketing properties on all the major web sites. We can sell your property from as little as £445 plus VAT.