Economical ways to sell your home

Economical ways to sell your home

If your looking to sell your home, staging can be a difficult task.

Most people want to sell their homes without putting too much effort or money into it and think that proper staging, although effective, is too costly.

We are here to offer you some inexpensive staging ideas that will save you money and help you sell your home sooner.

Take a look at our 10 ways to sell your home…


  1. Remove all of the clutter, personal items and anything that will detract from the potential buyer’s view of your home.
  2. Rearrange your furniture to create better flow from room to room and to accent certain features of your home that many buyers wouldn’t otherwise see.
  3. Clean you home from top to bottom and get those spaces that you don’t think anyone will notice because potential home buyers will.
  4. Add some curb appeal by painting your front door, adding decorative or seasonal planters or painting your home’s trim. Something as simple as a doormat can be very inviting to a potential buyer.
  5. Do some landscaping and ensure flowerbeds, hedges and grass are kept maintained and appealing.
  6. Paint any interior rooms that you feel may need some updating. Use neutral colours and do a professional looking job.
  7. Replace dated light fixtures and cabinet hardware. This is easy to do and relatively inexpensive as well.
  8. Details, details, details. Don’t forget the details when it comes to looking to sell your home.  Something as simple as matching towels in your bathroom could help attract the attention of a potential buyer as they could easily see themselves living there.
  9. If your carpeting or flooring is looking old, replace it with new and not only increase the value of your home, but also attract more buyers.
  10. Ensure that your rooms have a defined purpose. Your dining room should be just that and not turned into a dining/office. Be sure that your rooms are set up for flow giving the potential buyer the chance to effortlessly move from room to room.