​There are many steps when selling a house. It can be a complicated, time consuming and frustrating process. However, with a little planning and doing things at the right time you can make the process go much more smoothly.

NUMBER 1. Prepare your house for sale and get a Valuation.

The first step when selling a home is to get it ready for viewings. The moment your house goes on the market you could have buyers queuing up to view so you must be ready. Make sure the front of the house is neat tidy and well presented. Get all those DIY jobs out of the way that you have been putting off. Make sure every space in the house has a clear purpose. De clutter. Re decorate if need be, either to make the house more neutral or to make it look clean and fresh. Make sure you prepare any outbuildings or outside spaces to the same level as the internal areas of the house. Once the house is ready get a valuation to find out what you can achieve. Another idea maybe to get a valuation before and after improvements to really get a better picture of the property value.

NUMBER 2. Arrange and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).This is a very important step when selling a home as you cannot market a property without one. Shop around for the best deal as you will save yourself some money. You can order an EPC through us here.

NUMBER 3. Appoint an estate agent or arrange to advertise your property.Being an online estate agent we believe this is the best way to sell your home with a fee of just £349 you can save a lot of money. You may want to try to sell your house privately. This will save you money but you are unlikely to find the right buyer as you will not be able to advertise your property on the main property web sites. A traditional high street agent will charge you between 1% and 4% of the sale price of your home which is a significant cost. Choosing an online estate agent will provide you with the same service but at a fraction of the cost. Appointing the right agent is a vital step when selling a home. Sell your home here.

NUMBER 4. Appoint a Solicitor or licensed conveyancer as soon as possible.You must enlist the services of an individual licensed to undertake the conveyancing aspects of your house sale. Costs can vary widely so shop around. The solicitor will handle all the legal aspects of the house move. Our advice would be get 3 quotes and then a quote from your estate agent, if the estate agents solicitors are near to the 3 quoted prices go with them. A lot of people don’t like thought of an estate agent getting a referral commission but in reality (if the price is right) you shouldn’t worry about this as it keeps the estate agent closer to the sale, in the loop and able to iron out problems quickly for you. You can get a free quote on our conveyancing services here.

NUMBER 5. Wait for an offer.This is possibly the most frustrating step when selling a home. If you have appointed the right agent and your house is at the right price you will attract people to view. Hopefully, with the right presentation, one of the prospective buyers will make an offer. Offers are fully negotiable as is everything else in the property including its contents. Decide exactly what you are prepared to leave at the house and exactly how much you need to obtain from the sale.

NUMBER 6. Get the legal aspect done quicklyWait for all the legal and financial aspects to be conducted. Your buyer might have to sell their home before proceeding or they may have to wait for a mortgage offer. Try and get the paper work for your property in order before an offer is even on the table. The aim of the game is to process the sale as fast as possible so all parties are happy.

NUMBER 7. Agree a date for exchange of contract and completion of the sale.Once the completion date is agreed you can book your removal firm. This is the final step when selling a home. Once contracts are exchanged between both parties the sale will complete on an agreed day shortly after. Completion day is when all the financial transactions are completed and ownership of your property transfers to the new owner. You must be out of the property at the agreed time as it will no longer be in your possession.

These are the major steps when selling a house. It can be time consuming and involve a great deal of paperwork and administration. However, if you are prepared and do things in the right order it needn’t be too much of a drama.

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