Adding Value To Your Home

What parts of your house add more value?

Adding value to your home can be a tricky thing to implement. But what are the things you can do and what will bring you the biggest bang for your buck?


In this guide “The Ultimate Guide To Adding Value To Your Home” we aim to answer those questions and many more.  Our infographic (scroll to the bottom of the page to see below) is designed to give some of the main points on how to add value to your home.  We look at what parts of the house are the most important when trying to add the most value to a property.   Whether you’re thinking of selling soon and need a quick way to maximise the value, or if you’ve just bought the house and your looking at a way to increase the value for many years to come, this article is for you.

First things first….where are you now?

One of the first things you need to do is find out what the current value of your home is.  This way you can find a bench mark to aim for and work with.  To get a properties current value simply fill out the form here.  We can then take a look and send you over a 20 page report on how your home is performing at the moment.  The Valuation Report covers everything you need to know about the property’s value now and possible future trends.  It’s a great way to find out your situation at this current time.

Free Property Valuation

What’s your budget?

Once you have your Valuation report the next step is look at your budget and see how much money you have to include into any renovations.  Do you have £1000’s to put in the pot, or do you have only a few £100 to play with?  In the later case you may have to think a little more about what is likely to have maximum impact (this is where the infographic below can help).  Can you get away with a lick of paint? Or does your property need some more substantial repair work?  Either way what you do and spend now will have a direct impact on how much your likely to get for your property in the end.

Is the market helping the value of your home?

Other factors to look at are the market statistics.  This is where your property report will come in handy.  Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much work you put into the property if the market in your area is in free fall you may end up spending a lot of money and still only break even or worse slide into negative equity.  From the report you’ll see factors such as:

  • General Price Rises and Falls
  • Popular Properties in the area
  • Types of property that are failing to sell
  • How many buyers are in the area

There are other things you’ll be able to see from the report, all of which will start to paint a picture of how improvements will have an effect on the property’s value.

Free Property Valuation

Other factors and tools

To increase your knowledge of the area and get further details on where your property is right now Zoopla and Rightmove are a great source of property data. These companies have an array of tools that will be able to help.  Another tip would be to look at getting estate agents round the house to take a look.  If your looking for a valuation visit contact Zevizo Properties and we’ll be able to help you see where your property stands in the property market at the moment.

Take a look at our blog article “Different Tools And How They Can Help You Determine Property Price” for a full range of property valuation tools.

Now what?

Once you’ve got a good understanding at where your property is valued in the market today, it’s time to look at what you can actually do to add value to your home and where will have the most impact.  Take a look at the infographic below and see how adding value to your home can be done and which areas you need to improve upon.

Adding Value To Your Home - Which are the best areas of the property to focus on.

Adding Value To Your Home – Which are the best areas of the property to focus on.

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