​Conducting a viewing is a very simple thing to do and by making sure you stick to the basics the viewer(s) should have a pleasant experience. The following sections explain the basics about conducting the property viewings to help you.

Preparing your property

Making sure your property is clean and tidy should be your top priority. The kitchen surfaces should be clean and that the toilet and shower/bath areas are clean and free from any dirt and muck. Put away any clutter and make sure the carpet has had a good vacuum before the viewer(s) arrive. Once the property is clean and tidy, take a good quality air fresher and give a light spray in each room to give a pleasant smell around the property. You may want to get some Pot-Pourri that will look good in the room and be a pleasant background smell.

The arrival

When the viewer(s) arrive welcome them in and be polite but not overly familiar your aim is to make the viewer(s) feel at ease. It’s always a good idea to break the ice with a few simple questions, nothing too intense just enough to establish a rapport between yourself and the viewer(s).

The viewing

Starting the tour

First impressions are everything so always start by guiding the viewer(s) to start with the best room first and letting the viewer walk into the room and absorb all the details. Don’t over load them with information let them walk around and get a feel for the room. It’s important to remember that viewer will be imagining in their own head what it would be like to live in the property so let them take it all in.

Once the viewer looks like they have absorbed the room allow them to ask questions. If they don’t have any questions feel free to point out the key benefits of the room.

Then let them make their own way around the property and stand back and leave them explore answering any questions they may have.

What to watch out for

As with all selling, body language is a key factor when conducting the viewing. Watch for clues that they are interested or for any features that take their eye so you can explain to them in more detail. A fire place that may have been just a shelf for you may mean a lot more to the viewer so look at what interests them.

Answering questions

The viewer may have a few questions they like to ask so remember never to misrepresent the property or outright lie about certain details. Tell the truth when answering tricky questions but always try to end the answer on a positive note. It’s always a good idea to print out the property description from our website to keep on hand to jog your memory of any features the viewer(s) may have missed.

Before they leave

Once you have shown the viewer around feel free to sit down with them and chat with them further and go over any areas they want to talk about. This is always a good excuse to get the kettle on and offer them a tea or coffee. Remember that the viewer will be constantly gauging whether or not they can see themselves in the property and sitting down with a tea or coffee might just get their imagination running even more.