how to sell a house quickly

Stay on track when selling quickly

How to sell a house quickly? These words will forever be asked by vendors who are under pressure to sell within a specific time frame.

Trying to get your house sold in a hurry can feel like you are trying to find your way out of a maze without a map to help guide you along the right path. There are so many potentially wrong turns you can make along the way, for example, thinking that if you reduce the price you will be able to sell it more quickly is not necessarily going to be the case. There may also be other issues which will deter most buyers at any price and we’ll go through some of those in a minute.

It is possible to get your house sold quickly and to realise the full asking price.

Step 1 – First things first. Don’t panic!

That’s easy to say and hard to do, especially if you feel under pressure to make a quick sale for whatever reason. When looking how to sell a house quickly, panicking could land you in a lot of trouble. But panicking may cause you to get tempted by these “house buying companies”.  While some of these companies are worthwhile as a last resort a lot of companies pose as house buyers when in fact they will sign you up to lease contract and not actually purchase your home.  While under the lease contract they work to find a buyer.  This very often results in you being forced to sell for way under asking price and loosing large amounts of money.  Approach these companies with caution.

Step 2 – Select an Estate Agent

Start by selecting an estate agent that knows your area and has a proven track record in sales. You can go it alone but, again, thinking you will save money may actually not be the case – it could end up costing you a whole lot more – it’s risky and you have no one to call upon if you feel the marketing is not working.

These days many people feel they can do everything themselves because information is so freely available on the Internet and it’s possible to reach out to a lot of people via social media. But if you do decide to sell your own house and neglect to mention something that the purchaser believes materially impacts upon the value of the property or that legally you were obliged to disclose, then you may be held liable. For example, you are required to mention if you have ever had a dispute with a neighbour.

Appointing an estate agent who can work with you as a professional partner is more likely to get the house sold quickly.

Step 3 – Prepare your Property

Here are some other tips to help you on your way to your new life. The old adage, first impressions count is never more true than when applied to buying a house. Nearly one third of people make their mind up as they approach the front door so make sure you’ve repaired and repainted old fence panels, weeded the borders, swept the drive, repaired items such as a broken front door bell, and put the bins away.

Internally, DIY counts. Your personalised decor is personal to you, so redecorate to neutral; remove pet odours, tidy up and make sure you’ve repaired cracked and broken tiles, glazing and replaced stained carpets etc.

It is possible to save money, even if you need to sell your house quickly. For example, working with an online estate agent will save you a lot of money on conveyancing fees; fees can be fixed across several areas and the reason they won’t cost you as much as a traditional agent is because they do not have to pay for an office location and lots of fancy, branded cars and a whole heap of other marketing material – savings they then pass directly on to their customers. You will also have an expert partner on hand to guide you through the legal maze.

In summary, do those essential repairs, and shop around to find yourself a good estate agency partner, such as Zevizo, and we will work with you to help you get your property sold quickly, and for the full asking price where possible.

We do it because we care and because we are one of the best established, most reputable online agents serving the housing market in the UK today.

We hope you have enjoyed the article “How to sell a house quickly”.  Have you been burnt by a fast selling company or have you been helped by them?  Share your experiences in the comments.