​When customers approach us one of the first questions they say is “i need help selling my home?”. They always look so exhausted with the whole process and understandably it’s a huge decision and one that’s not usually taken lightly. So what help can we bring you?

Lowest fees

We have among the lowest fees in the country at £349 plus vat. Compared to a traditional estate agent you could save well over £3000. Just think what you could do with that extra money? If your property has had to take a loss you can limit your loss and if your property sells for a profit you’ll increase your profit! It’s a complete no brainer.

Sell fast

Sell your property using the best marketing techniques available. At present our properties are selling on average in 9 weeks. Some of our customers have sold in just a week and you could to with the right marketing plan. Sell your property using the best marketing techniques available

Contact us for a FREE marketing plan today if your still screaming to yourself “i need help selling my home!!” Find out how many potential buyers we have in your area

Professional expertise

All our staff are property lovers and professionals through and through. Some from building trades some estate agent trade almost all of us are landlords in our spare time so we know a thing or two about marketing a property and the technicalities that can seem daunting.

Contact on of our agents on 0800 228 9012 or email a question if you have a property question. Especially if it’s a challenge…..we like a challenge.

Marketing Coverage

We use only the top marketing methods so it’s no surprise to our fast sale times. Advertise your property on Rightmove, Zoopla, The Daily Mail, The Sun plus many, many more.

Dont just take our word for it

Take a look at what some of our customers have said:

“I am pleasantly surprised and greatly appreciative of the service I got from Zevizo properties while selling my house. I read about online estate agents while on my daily commute to work and wanted to do a bit more research about them to understand the model better before selecting an estate agent to sell my house.” Mr De Mel

“I managed to sell the house within 2 weeks of advertising for the full asking price and after paying a fraction of the usual estate agent fee associated. Probably the best deal I could have hoped for and I am more convinced that ever about the online estate agent model and that this is probably the future of real estate transactions.” Nilendra

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