There’s no denying that you can literally save £1000’s by selling your property privately. When money’s tight it’s important to try and save as much money as possible when it comes to your property investments.

By selling your home privately you can save a lot of money that could mean more options when buying your next home.

1. Is it the right time?
Studies suggest that the best time to sell your home is in the spring. The weathers getting better gardens are looking nicer and let’s be honest everyone’s in a out and about and in a better mood. The worst time is the winter where everyone is shutting down for the holidays nobody wants to move house a week before Christmas.

2. De-cluttering
Once you’ve decided that it’s the right time for you to sell your home now you must face the task of de-cluttering your home ready for viewings. Take away any extra pieces of furniture you don’t need and any other items that block passage ways or generally make your home look untidy and put them into storage. This doesn’t have to be paid storage this can be a friend or member of the family’s home (if they are happy to look after your stuff).

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3. Depersonalise
One of the most heart wrenching parts of selling a home (especially a home your fond of), de-personalising. Try and go around the property and make it as neutral as possible. Your aim here is to allow room for the prospective buyers imagination to flow when they are looking around.
• If your adding a lick of paint, try and use neutral colours
• Take away family pictures or personal items.

4. Secure Yourself
It’s a sad reality but putting your house on the market may entice people that are not house buyers. To protect your belongings put any valuable items into storage or away and out of site. Always make sure you conduct viewings with someone else present in the property and take contact details of the viewer before they leave the property.

5. Marketing your property
There are plenty of ways to market your property. From newspaper ads to ‘For Sale’ Signs, to leaflets, these are all good options. The best way is to use a mixture so you can spread your advert across many different media channels. You can advertise you property online with Zevizo Properties where we can market your property in front of thousands of potential buyers through Zoopla, Find a Property, Globrix, The Times, MSN, Prime location to name just a few. We can even take your property pictures and produce a floor plan and provide a ‘For Sale’ Board for you.
Word of mouth is always a good option tell your neighbours what your planning and ask them if they know anyone who’s looking to buy. Sometimes the perfect buyer is just around the corner.

There is no certain way by using a mixture of different marketing medias you can give your property maximum exposure.

6. Conducting the Viewings
By conducting the viewing you have control over who sees your property and how you show them around. No one knows your property like you do and we believe is the best way of getting a good price for your property. You can look at some tips on how to conduct viewings with our article Conducting Property Viewings (The Basics).

7. Going for completion
If the prospective buyer likes what they see and makes an offer congratulations! The next part is to appoint a solicitor and start the transfer of ownership process. Most likely the buyer will appoint a surveyor to come around the property. This will most likely be a requirement of their mortgage firm. Once the transfer of ownership process has been completed its time to move out and congratulated yourself, you’ve just saved £1000’s selling your property privately.

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