How To Show Your House To Potential Buyers

Showing your house to potential buyers

How to show your house to potential buyers when your trying to sell privately.

Savvy buyers wanting to save a fortune in fees sell their property through an online estate agent. As part of the process you may want to conduct your own viewings and show your house to potential buyers yourself. Here is our guide to getting it right.

We all know that marketing your property to the widest possible audience is crucial in finding the right buyer. That is why Zevizo Properties, the online estate agent, advertises properties on all the major portals including Rightmove and Zoopla.

However, marketing your property can only get you so far. At some point, whether you sell with an online estate agent or a traditional agent, a prospective buyer is going to come and view your property. Here are our tips for making every single viewing count.  So without anymore delay lets look at some of the things you need to do to show your house to potential buyers by yourself.

1. Be on time

This may sound obvious. Also if it’s your home you are likely to be there. However, nothing puts off prospective buyers more than a late arrival. It already puts them in a negative frame of mind. Make sure you are there at least 10 minutes before to relax and settle yourself.

2. Provide a welcome

This doesn’t mean tea and biscuits. The whole purpose of a viewing is to help the potential buyer imagine themselves living at the property. So greet them pleasantly and warmly with a firm handshake and introduce yourself. Make sure you step right back away from the door to give them as much space as possible to enter your home. You don’t want them to feel crowded as they come in.

3. Start and end with your home’s best feature

You need to create a positive impression right at the start of any viewing. You also need to give the buyers a positive final memory of their visit. Decide which part of your home really sells it. This may be the kitchen or the garden or a room with a view. Whatever it may be ask the potential buyers to follow you through to this area of the house to start the viewing and bring them back to this point at the end.

4. Always let the viewers walk into a room before you

This allows the potential buyers to appreciate the space of any room. Walking in before them will add one more body into, what may be a small space which will make it feel even smaller. It also gives buyers the chance to view the room without you in the foreground.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Obviously there is a balance. You don’t want potential buyers to feel they are getting a grilling. However a few open questions at the start such as “what attracted you to this area?” will give you a chance to find out the things that are important to the buyer. You can then match the relevant features of your house to their needs and wants.

6. Seek agreement

While talking to potential buyers it is important to get them thinking in a positive frame of mind about your property. Using phrases such as “It’s nice in this room isn’t it?” or “That room will be ideal for the kids won’t it?” will hopefully get your customers saying yes. This will give them a positive memory of the house.

7. Give customers thinking time

When the viewing is complete leave your buyers in the room or space where you started the viewing. Tell them you’ll leave them alone for a few minutes to have a chat and when you come back you can answer any questions they have. This gives your buyers a chance to process what they have seen and to chat about what further information they want. Rushing them out of the door will invariably result in them thinking of questions they should have asked when it’s too late.

8. Answer any questions positively

You may have to give an answer that might not aid the process but be confident and smile as you respond. You can’t change the facts but you can put a positive spin on things without feeling dishonest. Remember that questions are a positive buying signal and an important part of the selling process. If a buyer was not interested in the property they wouldn’t bother asking any questions. Also it will give you an opportunity to fill in any gaps that the buyers may not have gleaned from the viewing. They might not know there is a park around the corner or a shortcut to the town centre or any other benefit that is not visible as you walk around the house.

9. Ask for feedback

There is nothing wrong with asking a potential buyer whether they are interested in your house and whether they like what they have seen. Again this is a fantastic opportunity to address any concerns the buyer may have or give any further useful information. You can always ask for initial impressions and then agree to call the buyers at a later date to find out what they thought.

10. Don’t be disheartened if they don’t put in an offer

Hopefully the first person to see your home will want to buy it. However if they don’t, you should not be disheartened. You may have to conduct many viewings before the right buyer arrives on your doorstep. Don’t forget many people do just want to nose round someone else’s house. Also people do view houses which they can’t afford in order to gauge what they can get for their money. Just keep conducting the viewings professionally and the right buyer will put in an offer.

On a final note, just be yourself. You can conduct a professional viewing without being something you’re not. If you are yourself you will be relaxed which will make the viewing go much more smoothly and help your potential buyers to relax too.

Although not an exhaustive list on how to show your house to potential buyers.  We hope you have a better idea on how to have the confidence to do it yourself, if that’s what you choose to do.

Zevizo Properties, the online estate agent, will happily conduct viewings on your behalf. However if you would prefer to do them yourself we will give you all the help and advice you need. We will provide you with a full estate agent service and market your property on all the major portals from as little as £445 + VAT.