Prepare your house for sale

Prepare your house for sale

If you’re planning to sell your house and are looking for tips to help you get a better price and a faster sale, then you’ve landed on the right page.  In our latest article “How to prepare your house for sale” we look at the things you should avoid.

There are a number of mistakes that can easily be made during the process of selling property, all resulting in a serious financial loss. To help you avoid such problems, we’ve put together a list of our top tips to help you avoid these common issues during the sale process. As a successful, national, online estate agent, we are asked to list all manner of properties. They range in size, function, cost and location. They also range from show home condition to barely a shell which needs to be fully renovated before sale.  So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at how to prepare your house for sale and the things you should avoid doing.

Not Using an Estate Agent:

A number of people these days feel they can go ahead and sell their home without the help of a professional agent but it simply isn’t that easy. Remember, an agent will enable you to get not only the best deal but will take care of all paperwork on your behalf. Without this, selling your home will be anything but easy and in some respects, more hassle than it’s worth. Hiring an agent might cost you an initial outlay but when you take into consideration the benefits such as marketing alone, it’s absolutely worth the money.

One of the most difficult decisions when asking how can you prepare your house for sale,  “Whats the price i should market at?” There is no argument over the fact that market valuation must be taken into consideration before selling your house. More importantly, it’s essential that you realise you may not necessarily get the exact price you were hoping for.   You may have an amount in mind that you need to obtain but you must be realistic on the value your property can achieve. With this in mind however, know that we’ll always endeavor to do our best when it comes to getting you the highest price possible. High street agents will give you an inflated price at the valuation stage. This is to secure your business knowing full well that they will drop the price further down the line. If they are lucky and it sells at the inflated price it will increase their fee. As an online estate agent we won’t overprice your property. Our fixed fee approach means that artificially increasing your property’s value has no benefit for us.

You may find it of huge benefit to jump on websites, such as Zoopla, to find out how much properties in your vicinity have actually sold for. This will give you a much more realistic price and save any disappointment should the valuation not come back with the same figures you were expecting.

Not Using Pictures

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to prepare your house for sale and we’re amazed to find this when we look at what the customers is doing on the marketing of their property we find they don’t have pictures on the advert.  You’d be surprised at just how many people make the ultimate mistake and fail to upload pictures when marketing their property for sale. Remember, the more pictures you provide, the better chance your potential buyer has of seeing it and falling in love before they’ve even viewed.

Failing to De-clutter
Any house listed for sale must be De-cluttered. You might enjoy living in a messy house full that is full to bursting. Potential buyers will not want to see this. It will make your rooms look smaller and make it much more difficult for buyers to imagine themselves living there. It will also suggest that the house is not big enough to live in. Otherwise why would you need to store things on the floor? You may be extremely attached to your books or ornaments but any clutter must be cleared out and stowed until you sell.

Not making the most of every space.
Your spare room may be used to store clutter, or an ironing board, or a pile of washing or a bike. However this is not what potential buyers need to see. Every room or space, including gardens and outbuildings, must have a defined function. Make sure any bedrooms are dressed as bedrooms. If you have space for a dining area or kitchen table, use it. The worst possible thing to do is to make buyers question exactly how the house would work for them.

Not presenting the property properly for viewings.
It is staggering how many vendors don’t do something as simple as tidying up before a viewing. Pets must be absent from the property and any internal odours or outside mess dealt with. Make sure the people who live in the property are not there at the time of viewing. This is also the case, although more difficult, with rental properties. Make sure that those little DIY jobs are done to make the house look well maintained. Also avoid presenting your property in too personal away. A Jacuzzi in front of the television might be your idea of heaven but it is unlikely to be a benefit to most buyers. Keep things clean, tidy and neutral.

Choosing the wrong estate agent.
As an online estate we would always advise that you use us.  We provide a fast an efficient service with comprehensive advertising and fees starting from just £445 plus VAT. However vendors often make mistakes when choosing an agent. We are still amazed at some high street agents who don’t have a presence on the main property portals. 8 out of 10 buyers start their search this way so not having the right online presence can guarantee your house won’t get sold. Similarly some high street agents charge 3.5% on the sale price. You will be very lucky to pay anything less than 1%. Why would you pay £3000 when you can pay £445 for the same service? It is also important to recognise the feel and image of the agent. Some agents are associated with more high end, upmarket properties and some are seen as more bread and butter agents. Depending on the type of property you own you need to make sure you choose the right one. A good online estate agent like Zevizo Properties is not pigeon holed into any image so can sell properties of all values and types and in all locations.

Trying to Sell Winter

Although we do always say that you can indeed sell your home at any time of year, selling property in the winter is never the easiest thing to do.  There is no doubt that enquiries do drop over the Christmas period especially.  Statistics consistently show that home sales do tend to slow during the winter months in particular the week over Christmas. This may be down to harsh weather or financial burdens of Christmas holidays along with a great number of other deciding factors: whatever it may be, choosing a season aside from winter to sell your house will be a more favoured option.

Trying to Hide Exiting Problems

Last but most certainly not least, one of the biggest mistakes we see time and again surrounds small DIY jobs that go left unfinished. Subsequently, people do their best to hide them up, which never ends well. Either try your best to fix the issue before selling or make the buyer aware. This not only puts them in the picture but also makes you appear far more honest a seller.
There are any numbers of things that a vendor can do which will get in the way of a sale. However these are the most common mistakes in our experience. Avoid these pitfalls and you will have a better chance of selling your property quickly and at the right price.  We hope you’ve enjoyed our article, How to prepare your house for sale: Things to Avoid! If there are any mistakes you’ve made or if you’ve found any good ways of preparing your property for sale please let us know by commenting below.