Paying estate agents fees can be a significant cost associated with selling your home. Therefore you need to make sure you choose the right estate agent and at a cost that is suitable for you.
Selling your home privately

Many people begin the process by trying to sell their house privately. This can mean you avoid paying estate agents fees altogether. However there are some significant disadvantages. If you wish to advertise your property on the major web sites, where the majority of buyers start their search, you have to list with an estate agent. You may wish to avoid paying estate agents fees but selling privately will not give you the advertising muscle you need to reach the biggest possible number of potential buyers. In addition high value properties will struggle to attract viewings if advertised privately.

Appointing a traditional high street estate agent
Most sellers appoint a traditional high street estate agent. They will advertise your property more widely and provide services such as photographs, floor plans etc as well as a professional valuation of your property based on the local market. However you will have to pay a significant amount of money for this service. High street estate agents have large, plush office premises and high numbers of staff that need to be paid for. As a result, when paying estate agents fees, you should expect to pay anywhere between 1% and 4% of the sale price of your property. On an average property valued at £250,000, this could be anywhere between £2500 and £10,000. When paying estate agent fees to a traditional agent you would expect to pay this on the completion of the sale.

Appointing an online estate agent
You may want the services and the expertise of a traditional agent but you don’t want to spend a fortune for the privilege. If this is the case, appointing an online estate agent would be the solution for you. An online estate agent like Zevizo Properties can sell your home for fees as little as £349 plus VAT regardless of the sale price of your home. This could mean saving thousands of pounds when paying estate agents fees. In addition to the significant savings, online estate agents offer several ways to pay. This gives you a great deal of flexibility when paying estate agents fees. In most cases the cheapest option is to pay up front. However you may also be able to pay monthly or spread the cost between an upfront payment and a fee on completion. Zevizo Properties’ fee on completion is just 0.5% of the sale price. This will give you a significant saving when paying estate agents fees. If you wish to save even more you should pay up front.

Paying estate agent fees is a significant cost in the process of selling a house. However, you can benefit from the services of an estate agent without paying such huge fees. Using an online estate agent will give you expert advice and services but at a much lower cost.

Why pay large estate agent fees? Zevizo Properties is an online estate agent marketing properties on all the major property web sites. We charge fees from as little as £445 plus VAT.