​In today’s depressed housing market, owners have to do everything they can to promote the benefits of their house over any other similar property, and one aspect of this is ensuring that the presentation is at its best. This is referred to as ‘home staging’.

The first thing your viewers will see will typically be the front of your home, and you should make this first impression count. If there’s anything here that puts the viewers off, you’ll be off to a bad start. If it’s bad enough, they may turn around and walk away, without even looking at the inside. The front of the house has to be tidy, and you should sweep up and wash down as appropriate for each part of the house and garden. Consider some flowers or hanging baskets, and put bins and other utility items out of sight.

Internally, your house has to be clean from top to bottom. Some home stagers have a saying; “Nobody will want to buy your dirt”. Kitchens and bathrooms especially have to be spotless, with tidy work surfaces, and again with utility items cleared away – in the kitchen, you may routinely leave a draining basket on your sink; there’s no reason that will appeal to viewers, so clear it away. In the bathroom, your daily toiletries, toothbrushes etc. may lie out in the open normally, but no viewer will find these attractive, so make up a box with those you use daily, and tuck it away when not in use.

Everything that’s visible to viewers should be something which generates a positive appeal, which draws them toward buying your home. Anything which just happens to be lying around as part of your daily life, and which isn’t of appeal to viewers, needs to be hidden.