Get your FREE property valuation report with Zevizo Properties

Get your FREE property valuation report with Zevizo Properties

Looking for a property valuation report? This is the place to get it!

​If you are thinking of selling your house, you may think the quickest and most accurate way to get a valuation would be to contact a local estate agent and ask them round for a viewing. If you were thinking of buying a property you would most likely search for similar properties in the same area and look at the asking prices.

Property Valuation Report

Free Property Valuation

Whether you are selling or buying, getting an online property valuation estimate will give you more detail, more quickly and give you the confidence you need to instruct an estate agent as you will be well armed with all the information you need to ask the right questions. The property experts at Zevizo Properties recommend you do a mixture of things to help you arrive at the best online valuation estimate for your property to sell, or if you are thinking of putting an offer in to buy.

Online Tools 

In addition to our Property Valuation Report you can also get some good data from these online tools.  Just with one click of the mouse you can search any given area by postcode for property valuations and other factors that affect prices such as levels of crime, local schools in the area and other amenities. This nifty little time saving site is Property Whizza. High quality residential data on new sold prices and valuations can be found at, ideal for those searching property information and you can even track individual properties and see information on latest sold prices and prices where vendors have dropped the price recently. Or use the colour coded ‘heat maps’ to view how ‘hot’ property prices are in a particular postcode.

Property Valuation


Free Firefox add-on, Property-Bee, allows you to view seller alterations to prices, whether the property has been withdrawn and come back on the market, and any price changes – all useful bargaining tools if you are thinking of buying a property. Simply download and install (will work alongside existing browsers).

With simply enter a postcode and the site will display lists of sold properties in the area, with prices and look at how the prices have changed over time.

Despite the scary title, is a very useful tool collecting data from reputable sources such as the RICS to display average house price costs and price movements (+/-) to help you benchmark what you should be paying (or what your house may be worth) and whether prices are likely to be moving up or down in the foreseeable future ie trend analysis.

Free Property Valuation Report

Remember, online price estimates for property valuations can vary wildly, some sites may overvalue, some sites may be out by thousands of pounds, all of which could end up costing you dearly. For accurate pricing, it is probably best to use sale prices recorded at the Land Registry, combined with a survey or contact a reputable estate agent in your area such as Zevizo Properties online experts, as we are most likely to know your area and can work with you on a cost effective basis, especially as we don’t carry the overheads of traditional estate agents.

For valuation purposes, we recommend a mixture of online research and face-to-face meetings to help you realise the property’s maximum potential.


To get the most out of your online property valuation estimate, contact a member of Zevizo’s experienced property valuation team today and get your FREE Property Valuation Report.