​If you have a house that’s suitable for families there are certain things you need to do to make it attractive. Zevizo Properties, the online estate agent, tells you how.

You may not have any children, but your house may attract buyers with families. There are a number of key factors that will make your house fall into this bracket:

1. Garden
2. Garage/Outdoor storage
3. Close to local schools
4. Parks or open spaces nearby
5. Two or more bedrooms
6. Other families living in the area
7. Great bathroom or bathrooms
8. Great kitchen
9. Utility area

You may not have all these features and there are some that are more important than others. If you live in a city, families may live in flats so a garden is not so important. However this will increase the importance of parks etc in the local area. In all cases the number of bedrooms is a key factor.
If you live in a traditional three/four bed house with your family and you tick all the other boxes too you may think families will be falling over themselves to make an offer. However you must not take this for granted. You must spend time preparing a family home for sale in the same way as you would any other property:

You may think that people with children will understand that houses take a battering. They will but this is not what they want to see when they view a prospective purchase. A family home must be as well presented as any other. Finger marks on paint work, felt pen on the carpet, whatever flaws there may be, need to be tidied up. You wouldn’t buy a car that smelled of stale urine and had 6 months’ worth of food ground into the upholstery under a grotty car seat. Parents understand that this will happen but it’s not an attractive buying prospect.

Organise and de clutter
Buyers with families understand that houses get cluttered when you have kids. Toys, pushchairs and all manner of other items can be jammed into even the most spacious of homes. However, when selling, this must be organised with well-presented storage or cleared out and hidden. Buyers want to feel that their family will fit in the house. Leaving toys everywhere will make buyers think the house is too small for their needs.

Present bedroom space at its best
If you have a three bedroom house and your kids are young, you may well use one room for storage and put the kids together in one room. This may suit your family and many other families perfectly. However to give that feeling of space and suitability for families every bedroom must be presented as a bedroom. This may require additional expense but it will be worth it if you get a quick sale and at the right price.

Organise and de clutter your garage
Yes it is likely that if a family moves in, the garage will become a dumping ground. However, when selling you must give it the feel of a useful space. Get wall racks, shelving units or similar storage to organise the space correctly. Most importantly get rid of anything that doesn’t need to be there. During a recent house move I took two transit van loads of items to the tip that had been dumped in my garage. Put bikes up on the wall etc. to create a family feel.

Create a useful garden space
Gardens do a great deal to sell houses to families. You may have a small garden but any outside space can be used effectively. Make sure it is clean, clear of mess/clutter and well-tended. There is nothing wrong with having larger toys in the garden such as swings, trampolines etc. However if these items detract from the feeling of space they should be removed.

Make your kitchen a family kitchen
Families spend much of their time in the kitchen. If there is room for a table, put one in. Make the room feel like an enjoyable place to be where you can eat together as a family.

Bathrooms are another important area of a house when you have kids. Bath time can feel horrendous in an unsuitable bathroom. If you need to update then do so. A cheap, clean, white bathroom suite is a small expense but can transform a room. The rules of clutter apply here just the same as any other room. Your children may have a large number of bath toys but potential buyers want to see a room free of clutter and with a spacious and practical feel.

Be aware of information about local schools
Your local school may not be particularly successful. However a school with a good reputation is an important feature for families and may be the reason buyers are drawn to the area. School inspection reports and exam/assessment data is freely available on line so don’t be afraid to research and use it to help encourage a sale.

Selling a family home is no different to any other. Families to expect to live in a certain way. However, when viewing a property they want to be presented with the dream of clutter free, child friendly living. Make sure you put in the effort to achieve this feel.

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