​At this time of year many people make the mistake of waiting until the New Year to market their property for sale. But why wait? Are you missing out on some crucial seasonal advantages…

Less Competition

Think there’s no competition in your area? Think again! This time of year sees many people even pull their property from the market thinking this will help but this will only hamper your marketing efforts. As everyone has the same idea of waiting until the New Year the amount of properties on offer decreases. Keeping your property marketed over the Christmas period gives your property less competition to compete against resulting in an increased chance of finding a serious buyer (buyers tend to be more serious and ready to move this time of year). Just think if you wait until the New Year how many of your neighbours are also thinking the same? Starting your marketing efforts now or keeping your property on the market gives you a head start on the rest of your competition.

Perfect Buyer could be looking this month

You never know when the perfect buyer is driving or looking through your neighbourhood so why wait until they have the pick of the bunch. Once you have made your decision and have everything in place the best time to market your property is right away. As they say there’s no time like the present.

Serious Buyers

People looking to move before Christmas are usually looking to move for a reason and are looking to move quickly. In the summer you may get a few who are out for the day out. This time of year potential buyers have a time scale so you’re more likely to get a serious buyer through your door and sell your property quickly.

Estate Agent Offers

If you’re looking for low rate from a traditional estate agent now the time of year to sell. Of course a traditional estate agent will still charge 1% as a special offer where you could be selling your property all year round with fees as little as £445 with Zevizo Properties.

Exciting Time for viewings

There’s never a more exciting time of year than Christmas and performing viewings (if done well) can capture some of the magic Christmas brings. Make sure you put some effort into the Christmas décor and get that log fire burning so when a prospective buyer walks in they get the feeling what the property could look like for their family at Christmas. Try not over do it with the Christmas decor though keep it cosy and tasteful.

Zevizo Properties offer some of the lowest estate agent fees in the UK. Sell your property for £445 excluding VAT. Click here for a free marketing valuation.