Looking for an estate agent? Avoid these traits...

Looking for an estate agent? Avoid these traits…

When considering an estate agent, finding one that helps you buy or sell your home more effectively is important.

If you’re a seller, you want to know how the agent will market your home and where. If you are a buyer, you want an agent that will work hard to find you the home you are looking for, here are some things to avoid when choosing an estate agent to help you buy or sell your next home.

They don’t advertise on both Rightmove and Zoopla…..

We can’t stress this highly enough, many estate agents will still to this day try to cut costs while still charging large fees.  If they’re not on both of the UK’s largest property portals you need to ask them why they don’t want your property to be seen by the most amount of buyers possible? Rightmove and Zoopla are where 95% of buyers go first when searching for property and if your not on both of these you’re missing out on crucial buyer enquiries every minute!

The estate agent suggests the highest price for your house.

When choosing an estate agent, get listing prices from at least three agents. If one of the agents suggests a price that is too high for your home, it could mean that your home won’t sell as quickly and the longer your home sits on the market, the more people are going to think there is something wrong with it.  A common goal of many valuers is to flatter the vendor with inflated property valuations, don’t waste your time and money falling for this tactic.

The estate agent that works part time, part time.

Choosing an estate agent that only works part time helping clients buy or sell homes may mean that they are not current with the market or able to take advantage of new listings that you might be interested in.

The estate agent is a relative.

If your estate agent/relative doesn’t get you the price you are looking for or the home they find for isn’t what you are looking for, it could create family problems.

The agent doesn’t know the market, or isn’t prepared to find out

Choosing an estate agent that isn’t familiar with market conditions could cost you money. The property market is a very statistics based business and prices can vary from place to place. Make sure they know the stats in your area and if they don’t ask them can they find out.  Zevizo Properties uses the best and latest market data, if you’re looking for some key stats for your area send us a valuation request for a FREE report on the stats in your area.

The agent charges a high commission.

If an estate agent charges a commission that higher than the standard rate, this could mean less money when you come to actually selling and in some cases be the main thing that puts you back into negative equity.  With the marketing technology and the property portals that are available in the today there’s no excuse for paying over the odds in commissions.

The agent doesn’t usually deal with your type of property.

If you are selling a commercial property or buying an investment property and your estate agent doesn’t specialise in commercial or the purchase of investment properties, you may want to choose one that does.  Zevizo Properties has sold all types of property and deal with many different types of deals from all corners of the UK.  Make sure your estate agent can do this too.

Hope you enjoyed our list of things to avoid in an estate agent.  This of course is not an exhaustive list and should you want us to add any more please comment in the box below.

When choosing an estate agent for your next home purchase or sale, contact Zevizo Properties and let one of our online agents assist you today.