​Everyone wants to sell their property quickly and at the right price. Here are our top 10 tips to do just that.

1. Advertise your property as widely as possible. Most people look for a property online so make sure your property is listed on all the major property portals.

2. Create a great first impression. Decisions about properties can be made within the first few seconds of arrival so make sure your property has curb appeal. Make sure windows and doors that face the street are in good order and any woodwork has a fresh lick of paint. Tidy up your front garden, remove any rubbish and consider buying a few additional extras such as potted plants etc. to make it look clean, tidy and inviting.

3. Be flexible when it comes to price. You may have a figure that you need to secure. However you must be prepared to be flexible when it comes to price. Dropping even a few thousand might make little difference to you but could make all the difference in attracting the right buyer.

4. De-clutter. This is vital. To make your house looks as spacious and relaxed as possible you must remove all clutter. Any items placed on the floor suggest there is lack of storage in the house so find a place for everything. This is particularly difficult when you have children but it should only be for a short period of time.

5. Keep everything neutral. Keep all colour schemes as neutral as possible. White or magnolia, while not to everyone’s taste do not offend anyone and gives the property a clean, fresh feel. Lighter colours also make rooms look more spacious and give any prospective buyers that ‘blank canvas’ feel.

6. Give each room, or space a clear function. You are selling the idea of living in your property to someone who has never been there so make sure there is a clear function to areas both inside and out. Any rooms that you normally use as a dumping ground must be de-cluttered and given a clear purpose. This also applies to any outside space at your property. Make sure buyers can envisage themselves using a room or garden area.

7. Manage your pets. Make sure pets and pet related items are out of the house before any viewing. You want prospective buyers to be concentrating on the property not focusing on their hatred of cats. You must also do everything you can to remove any pet related odours in the property or ‘deposits’ in the outside areas.

8. Start and end each viewing with the best feature of your property. Decide which room, or space sells your property to maximum effect. Take prospective buyers straight there and finish the viewing at the same place. First and last impressions are vital in creating positive memories in a buyer’s mind.

9. Make sure all occupants are out of the property during a viewing. You may be conducting the viewing yourself which is absolutely fine. However, individuals occupying rooms during a viewing prevents buyers from fully relaxing and taking in the feel of the property.

10. Seek agreement and positive feedback throughout the process. If you can get prospective buyers saying yes, often, it creates a positive impression of the viewing in their minds. You can use phrases such as “that’s really nice isn’t it” or “This is a lovely space isn’t it” to generate that positive feel.

At Zevizo Properties we are happy to advise you on the best way to sell your home quickly based on our years of experience in the property market. We will advertise your property on all major property portals and our fees start from just £445 plus VAT.

Remember you are not selling a building; you are selling a way of life.