Typical Estate Agent Fees For Selling

Save over £3000 with an Online Estate Agent

What are the typical estate agent fees for selling a house or property?  Traditional high street estate agents tend to charge anywhere between 1% and 2% of the properties sale value to sell a house, with average estate agent fees for selling a house being at around 1.5%.

In monetary terms this fee could be anything from £1,500 to sometimes even £10,000 dependant on what the property actually sells for.

A lot of estate agents will also add a minimum fee clause of around £2000 to £3000.  This means if your sale value fee is less than these amounts you will be charged those minimum fees regardless.  All this seem expensive? Well when adding the legal costs, moving costs etc on top of the combined sale fee you could be looking at a substantial amount of money that you need to spend in order to sell your house.

It doesn’t have to be this way…..

Is there any way to bring these selling costs down for me and my family?  100% there is! With an Online Estate Agent they can do exactly the same thing for a fee much lower, saving you possibly £1000’s.  The Online Estate Agent has been used by savvy investors for years and its only now people are starting to understand the huge benefits involved with using an Online Estate Agent.

Typical estate agent fees for selling a house when you use an Online Estate Agent are much lower than the traditional estate agents.  With fees of around just £500 for exactly the same service level Online Estate Agents can offer you an array of benefits these may include:

  • Lower fees – meaning more money in your pocket possibly £1000’s more money for your family
  • Larger marketing campaigns not just focused to the local area – meaning more available buyers to contact and more chance of selling at the price you want.
  • Home Visits with product features – 3D Floor Plans, 360 Virtual Tours and Property Videos all give more exposure for your property and can be available through online estate agents.
  • Negotiations – They take charge of negotiations aiming to get more for your house.
  • Sales Progressions – Online estate agents don’t just stop at sale agreed they work with you right the way up to the completion date.

These are just some of the benefits that savvy property sellers have access to when selling a property through an online estate agent.  For more information take a look at our video below and decide for yourself how an online estate agent can help you.

The video covers aspects from how Online Estate Agents started to where they are today and the future.  We look at the impact they have had on the industry and the practicalities on how they can sell your house.  Selling a house can be a very competitive market, and online estate agents can actually help you come away with more money on the house sale compared to some of your neighbours.

For more information on how an online estate agent can help you contact us at info@zevizoproperties.com, call us on 0800 228 9012 or speak to one of our online advisors on our website.  We hope you enjoyed this article” Typical Estate Agent Fees For Selling A House”

Enjoy the Video!