To sell your property quickly you need to make the most of every space. Is your garage an untapped resource?

If you want to sell your home as quickly as possible it is vital to make the most of every space. However people often forget about their garage.

Here are Zevizo Properties’ tips for making the most of this part of your home.

Clear out any ‘rubbish’

In reality, most of us use our garages for storage or as a dumping ground for rubbish working its way to the tip. However this can create a bad impression on a potential buyer. Having a garage crammed to the rafters suggests that there is not enough room in your house. Not the best plan when you are trying to create a feeling of space. It also labels the garage as simply a dumping ground rather than an area with a specific purpose. Make sure anything that can be thrown away is removed from the garage and it is kept as clean and tidy as possible.


In any room you would need storage. The garage is no exception. Putting up some shelving, some shelf units or storage cabinets will give you the chance to store things properly. This could also include wall brackets for items such as bikes etc. When items are left on the floor it creates the impression of a lack of space, so find a home for everything.


When putting a house up for sale you would expect to decorate. This could be to create a more neutral feel or to give the house a clean, fresh look. Don’t forget the garage. The internal areas don’t need to be decorated of course but make sure the garage door has a fresh lick of paint and any rust is removed.

Give the garage a clear purpose

This applies to any area of your house and the garage is no exception. You need to help your potential buyers imagine themselves living at your property. There are a number of possible options:

  1. Storing your car
  2. Home gym
  3. Workshop
  4. Home office
  5. Hobby room
  6. Utility room
  7. Children’s play space

This list is endless. The important thing is to give the garage a true function. It is also vital to bear your potential buyers in mind. If you own a bungalow, which may attract older buyers, a workshop or hobby room may be the best option. If you are trying to attract younger buyers perhaps a home gym or home office space would be better. If your property attracts families it may be suitable to set the garage up as some sort of extended play area. If you are in doubt just keep the space clear, clean and organised.

Use your garage to improve your property

If there is finance available and you think it will increase the value of your home you may consider developing the garage into something else. You could use it as an extra bedroom or living room by knocking through from the main house. You could also extend the upstairs of your property by building on top of the garage. As always, you need to be sure that this will increase your home’s value or make your living space more suitable for your family. You must also take into account things such as planning permission, damp proofing, insulation, electricity/water supply etc that may need to be dealt with if you are planning to convert your garage.

In summary, just remember that your garage is as much part of your home as any other room or outside space. Make sure you make the most of it.

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