Sell fast with Zevizo Properties

Sell fast with Zevizo Properties

The Ultimate Ways To Sell House Quickly.  In this article we look at ways we can sell your house quickly without breaking the bank.

It’s a fast market and the buzz is that demand is outstripping supply yet if life events mean that you need to sell your house quickly, often a buyer can fail to materialise. If you want to sell your house quickly then 7 is the magic number. Here are the house experts 7 Top Tips to get your house sold fast!

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1. Even if you find a buyer, the statistics show that one third of all sales fall through.Buyers can get cold feet if there are delays so make sure you’ve got everything lined up so that you don’t give your buyer any opportunity to back out because they’ve changed their mind or found what they think is a better offer. This means make sure you instruct a Licensed Conveyancer as soon as you put your house on the market and get your mortgage in place as quickly as possible if you are going to move to a new house. Be flexible on your dates, make sure you accommodate your buyer’s needs. Remember, it’s better for you to suffer a little bit of inconvenience on your part than have your sale fall through. Other secrets of the trade show that the following will help your house to sell quickly, these are:

2. Declutter and Clean.

There’s no excuse for anything shabby if you want to shift your house quickly – tidy up gardens and driveways, chuck out clutter, repair cracked windows and tiles, clean carpets, deodorize (pet smells). Return colours to neutral. Old electrics, broken shelves and tired paintwork tell a buyer that there may be more problems underneath the surface and may put them off. So clean up everything that can be seen.

3. Instruct a good estate agent who knows the market for your type of house well.Make sure they have the contacts, the advertising klout and ask for recommendations.

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4. Offer your agent an inducement if they get the house exchanged within 6 weeks.Ask for an Open Day, often the buzz of a lot of people can secure higher offers, earlier as it creates competition.

5. Get some good pictures done on a sunny day to show the house and gardens off to best advantage.A good professional photographer is well worth the money. Create a short video and get a good quality brochure done. Accurate floor plans will also help secure a sale, particularly those done in 3D so viewers can really see what the rooms are like. You are more likely to secure the right type of buyer to book appointments to view as they will have been well briefed with all the information beforehand. Don’t just think that having a lot of viewers booked is a good thing, often, it can just waste time all round. Better to have fewer of the right type.

6. Make it as easy as possible for viewers to see your house.There’s nothing more frustrating than a buyer being told the time isn’t convenient to the seller. This is particularly true if you want to sell your house as quickly as possible.

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7. To sell your house quickly consider working with an online estate agent.

Online estate agents have huge marketing power. They have the nationwide pulling power as they are tuned in to all the powerful search engines and statistics show that buyers are more likely to start their search for a new home online. Online agents can also save you money as they will work on a fixed fee basis. So you will save thousands of pounds that you can put into helping to get your own house ready for sale and possibly even being able to take time off work to concentrate on getting the house sold quickly as you can put this money to one side for your new move and not having to work such long hours.

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Picking a good online estate agent such as Zevizo, means that your property is more likely to be returned in the local and national searches when anyone is looking for a house to buy. They’ll have a list of hot prospects to hand who are looking for exactly your type of house and as online agents they will be used to moving fast and getting the job done as they work for a fixed fee so, all in all, this really is your best option if you are looking to sell your house quickly.

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