There's many ways to sell a property but whats the most effective way?

There’s many ways to sell a property but whats the most effective way?

Anyone putting their house on the market will ask themselves, “what is the best way to sell my house?”

You want it sold quickly, You want to achieve the full asking price, you want to know “whats the best way to sell my house?”

You may be tempted to sell it direct, after all, the Internet is a powerful tool, but there are certain legalities that have to be adhered to, there’s the discussion about what price to put the house on the market at, and the need to factor in Stamp Duty and other fees that may affect a buyer’s attitude towards the price being asked.

In addition you really are only paying out a small fee and it’s a fixed fee, so you know exactly where you are and can have the best of both worlds, professional advice, a property partner to work with and access to all the UK property portals for full marketing potential.

With Zevizo Properties you are working with an experienced estate agent that:

  • Knows the local property market
  • Can advise on presentation of the property for sale
  • Understands what buyers like to see when viewing houses for sale
  • Will help you strike that fine balance between spending out on dressing the house for sale and not spending money unnecessarily
  • Can advise and offer help with arranging photography, property descriptions and floor plans
  • Can work with you to help you achieve the best price possible for your property

Benefits to property vendors of working with Zevizo Properties

  • We are online estate agents who work for a fixed fee
  • You know where you are with your house sale finances
  • We put money back into your pocket that you can spend on other things you need when moving house
  • Highly professional estate agents who are members of the Ombudsman for Property Sales scheme

Call us today on 0800 228 9014 and request a call back or email us today at to discuss your requirements to get your house sold quickly and for the maximum price!