why can't i sell my house

Stressed trying to sell your property?

​”Why can’t i sell my house?” These words have ran through many a property sellers head over the years.  When you’re not getting the viewings and the offers and you need to sell your house things can seem quite bleak.

Why can’t I sell my house?  We are constantly told that even outside of London, it’s a hot property market and that demand is outstripping supply. Despite all the protests about land being sucked up by new house builds, the fact remains that new houses account for only around 1% of all housing stock in the UK so, in the scheme of things, all the new house build going on, stimulated by the Government’s Help-to-Buy scheme, is only having a small impact on the problem.

You wouldn’t think that there would be many people unable to sell their house but, despite the housing shortages, many houses and apartments fail to sell. The reasons are many and varied but if you find yourself in this situation or are desperate to ensure you avoid this unfortunate situation then follow this checklist.

1. If you have been living in a property for some time and it’s become a real home then you may well be blind to any eyesores. Ask a neighbour or friend to tour the house with you and appraise it unemotionally and give you some honest feedback; it may hurt at the time, but it could mean the difference between realising the full asking price or not or, worse still, having no buyer make an offer.

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First impressions count

2. First impressions do count. Paint front doors; clean up peeling paintwork on tired windows; sweep the drive, repaint old fences, remove rubbish bins from off the drive.

3. Mow lawns, weed flower beds and have a general tidy up outside. Replant pots.

4. Internally, repair any cracked tiles; replace stained carpets; finish off all those old DIY jobs you’ve been avoiding.

5. Return colour schemes to neutral. Get rid of pet smells and confine pets to the outside for any viewing days.

6. Replace stained sofas. Remove clutter and personal memorabilia. You want buyers to be able to imagine living in the house.

7. Take advice from your estate agent and consider any sensible offers. Cash buyers are in a strong position; if someone is in a chain, how long is it? If the chain is broken your buyer could fall through and you could be left without a sale, whereas the cash buyer may offer less but they know they are in a strong position – which means more to you?

Do your homework

8. What are the advantages of your property over other similar ones in the area for sale and what are the disadvantages? How does your price compare? Consider fast roads, lack of parking, rights of way, untidy neighbouring properties, possible improvement plans for the area – any factor which may be a sticking point. It may be that you will have to offer an inducement to encourage a buyer to put in an offer and make it attractive for them.

Identify what’s causing it to stick

9. Work with your estate agent to see if they are advertising the property as widely as possible and working hard on your behalf to get the necessary viewings. At the end of the day it’s a numbers game – is the price right and are enough people coming through the door?

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When your thinking “Why can’t I sell my house?”, there’s always a solution

10. Ask around for references and make sure you do your homework before appointing your estate agent; the more work you do, the more likely you are to be able to accurately identify why you can’t sell your house and be able to do something about it quickly to turn the situation around to your advantage.

We know just how frustrating it can be to feel that your house isn’t selling and we’ve got oodles of experience in helping customers find the right buyer at the right price for their property so ask us today for a free, no obligation chat about how to make sure you shift your property fast and for the price you want.

Do you have any ideas for people that are asking “why can’t i sell my house?”.  Please leave a comment below and join the discussion.