Save money on heating bills

Save money on heating bills

So winters coming and you want to some foolproof ways to save money on heating bills.  ​

As we find ourselves in the icy grip of what forecasters predict will be another unrelenting winter, fuel costs are on every homeowner’s mind. In the past few years monthly bills have risen while simultaneously the economy has seemed to remain just as frigid as the chill outdoors. While there may be no relief from the cold for a few more months, much of the bite can be taken out of this winter by reducing fuel costs by following a few simple tips to save money on heating bills.

Lower the Thermostat

Many homeowners keep their thermostats well above the necessary setting. Additionally, when at work or in bed it proves wise to lower the settings down and add that extra comforter on the bed. This can help reduce fuel consumption and heating costs during nearly two thirds of the day.

Bleed your Radiators

Getting airlocks in your radiators will dramatically reduce the efficiency of your heating system. To check your radiators see if the radiator is warm at the bottom and cold at the top, this happens due to air in your heating system preventing the warm water circulating around the radiator and in most cases this will require bleeding to fix. Bleeding is easily done in a couple of minutes and is a great way to help reduce your heating bill. Before you start always check your manufacturers documents for help on how to do this.

Check Windows for Leaks

Windows represent one of the areas of the home or apartment which tend to lose the most heat. By checking for air leaks around the frames an appreciable amount of heat can be contained inside the house. This simply accomplished by holding a lit incense stick to ascertain whether there are any drafts coming from around the frame. With an inexpensive tube of sealant these leaks can be plugged quickly.

Purchase a Reduced Flow Shower Nozzle

As we tend to spend more time in a hot shower during the winter months it makes sense to regulate the amount of water used and therefore the amount of fuel burned. Low-flow shower heads can save liters of water per shower and help save money on heating bills.

These are four ways to help dramatically reduce monthly energy expenditures and save money on heating bills during the winter months. Should these and other recommendations be followed, the seasonal savings can be well worth the extra effort put forth.

How do you save money on heating bills?  Do you have any ideas to share that can help people save money on heating bills? Leave a comment below.