Should you pick an estate agent with individual flare or go with what you know? We help you decide.

We all know the stereotype of an estate agent. A slick looking wide boy salesman/woman who people avoid at parties, along with traffic wardens. We’ve all seen the cars driving around our local area. Mini Cooper, Toyota Aygo or Citroen C1 with the company logo plastered on every available square of bodywork. We’ve seen the plush, high street offices and the equally plush cars in the office car park. We’ve heard about the commissions made by agents selling high value properties in areas with a fast turnover.

The first question is, is this a true reflection of people working as estate agents?

As with every stereotype there are many exceptions to the rule. It is also true however, that the reason a stereotype exists is because there are many individuals who validate it.

In some areas, particularly London and the more affluent areas of the South East this may be true. Commissions are high due to the sale price of the properties, the market is very crowded and there is a shortage of housing. This can attract more ‘sales’ types to the industry. Of course across the country there are huge variations. In areas with lower house prices the earnings of estate agents are not so high and many provide a more personal service. However the profession does still attract ‘sales’ types.

At Zevizo Properties, the online estate, we don’t follow the crowd. We believe that an individual personality and approach for a company is the way to a successful business.

We don’t have plush offices, we don’t have flash cars and as a result our costs are incredibly low. Instead of charging an average of 1.5% on the sale of your property, our fees start from £445 plus VAT. In fact our most expensive, sale on completion, package requires a seller to pay just 0.8%. This can save you possibly tens of thousands of pounds depending on the price you achieve at sale.

But is this the best approach? We believe it is.

We don’t try to ‘sell’ you our services. We believe our services sell themselves. Clearly the cost is an attractive option for customers. But we believe we are different in many other ways:

  • As a national, online estate agent, we can list properties anywhere in England or Wales
  • We are a small team and we know our customers, and their properties, extremely well.
  • We are more than happy to provide advice to sellers even if they do not choose to list with us.
  • We can negotiate on fees. Big companies don’t have that flexibility. We do.
  • Our ethos is as a service company not a sales company. We believe our product is the best for you and we will provide you with all the information to make that choice.
  • Our telephone manner is practical, straight and business like. Nobody wants to be ‘sold’ to in the traditional sense of the word and we believe we have the balance right.
  • We provide a comprehensive, free, valuation of your property. Of course we will ask you if we can help you to sell it. But the property valuation document is useful in its own right to help you sell your home.
  • We do return your calls, emails and letters as soon as is physically possible. We get frustrated when suppliers don’t return our calls and we have no intention of dealing with your sale in the same way.
  • As a small, personal enterprise, our livelihood depend on us selling your property quickly and at the right price. Word of mouth is worth the cost of thousands of pounds of advertising. As such we do everything in our power to make you want to recommend us to people you know. This is reflected in our testimonials.
  • We don’t own a Mini Copper with Zevizo Properties, the online estate agent, plastered all over it.

In short we believe that Zevizo Properties, the online estate agent, is a new breed of agent. We are diligent property professionals with a background in all aspects of the residential property market. We want the opportunity to demonstrate that to you.

The time for the slick, close the deal, salesman has gone. Money is tight for everyone and the notion of paying an agent 1.5% in order to fund their lovely office and flash cars is over.

We provide an outstanding service and we will charge you a fair price for the work that is undertaken to sell you property quickly and at a fair price. Why not give us a ring or contact us through our web site to find out if we can help you.

Zevizo Properties is a national, online estate agent, marketing properties on all the major property portals. We can sell your property from fees starting at £445 plus VAT.