Find a property

Find a property

​This is a common complaint we are hearing more and more often as the property market hots up: “I find a property I’d love to buy but now I find it’s been snapped up by someone else!”

People start to panic that they’ll never find the right thing as if it happens more than once that they’ve missed out on the property they want, they start putting silly offers in and the whole thing bubbles over causing a ‘property bubble’. The reason that the Government is so worried about this happening again is that it was this situation which caused the global economic collapse back in 2007, but it’s a fine balance and people still have to get on with their lives, so here are our recommendations on how to ensure you secure the house of your dreams, once you’ve identified it.

There are certain things that you can do to ensure that you have every chance possible of securing the property you’ve set your heart on.

Make sure you’ve got your finances sorted. The best thing to do, if you can, is to sell your current property and rent for a while. This way you will be in a cash position which equates in estate agent terms to a very strong position when you find the house you want as you won’t be in a chain.

Secondly, don’t despair. Ask yourself what are ‘normal’ times in the housing market anyway? Either there is a shortage of property because the economy is stagnating and no one seems to be selling, or the property market has hotted up, things are moving quickly and properties are getting snapped up. It’s just the way it is.

When you’ve found the property you want. Don’t delay. Go straight down to the estate agent and put your offer in. Surveys and mortgages can follow later, although it does help if you have done your research and talked to mortgage brokers or banks so that you know exactly what you can borrow and what’s likely to be on offer.

Don’t be too picky. If you really want the property don’t start to haggle over white goods or ask for money off because you’ve spotted some maintenance issues. The easier you make it for the vendor to deal with you, the more likely you are going to be successful in securing the property for yourself.

Dealing with an online estate agent such as Zevizo Properties can also help you in that we are able to advise sellers about the potential buyer’s position. We can move fast and we are able to keep our fees down, thus saving sellers thousands of pounds so they are more likely to take our advice and want to work with us. You, too, can be part of this successful property partnership.