find a home

Find a home

How to find a home that’s right for you.

This can involve drawing up a list of key criteria such as the number of bedrooms, whether a garden is important to you and if you want a separate utility room as well as a kitchen. Depending on how strict your criteria is, it may take you some time to find a home that’s right for you, and your family. If so, you may feel that it’s best to sell your own property first, put most of your things into storage and move into rented accommodation for a while. In this way you will be in a strong position to put in an offer and secure the right property when it comes along, as you will be a cash buyer and able to strike a good bargain.
But exactly how do you go about your task when you want to find a home?Free Property Valuation

Start by examining why you wanted to move in the first place and what timescale you have. The criteria and timeline you set will greatly impact on the type of property you end up buying. For example, if the move is forced by a new job it may be that your partner can relocate nearer the job (if it is out of area) and live in rented accommodation in the week. This will give him/her time to assess whether the job is going to work out, research the best locations and find out about things such as schools and transport routes. If the move is prompted by a growing family and you wish to upsize then the number of bedrooms will be top of the list, closely followed by access to the best schools in the area. If the move is because you need to accommodate an elderly relative, then you will need an annexe or a property such as a bungalow, with a ground floor bedroom.

Other factors that will help you in your search to find a home, include if you:

  • Do or don’t like gardening
  • Want to grow your own fruit and veg
  • Do not want a property near water because of small children
  • Need room for the dogs or cats
  • Want a garage/workshop as you do a lot of DIY
  • Would like a separate dining room or prefer open plan living
  • Like old or modern properties
  • Like or dislike bungalows
  • Need to be near a town
  • Need to be near the railway station for commuting to work
  • Do or don’t mind a renovation project
  • Like or dislike older properties
  • Want a detached/semi-detached/terrace house depending on criteria and budget
  • Don’t mind living on a housing estate as you need a bigger mortgage (buying from the developer and doing a deal)

The best place to start is by discussing your requirements with a property expert such as the team at Zevizo Properties. As fully qualified experts with oodles of experience, we’ve seen and bought and sold just about every kind of property there is to have, between us! So start by asking the experts. It won’t cost you anything, other than a bit of time and you could well find it saves you a load of hassle, not to mention money, in the long term!

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