​Moving house can be a stressful time, read our tips on packing your belongings to help reduce one element of a hectic move!

1. Label clearly

Make sure that the label on the outside of your boxes is large, legible and describes the contents well. Don’t forget to mark fragile packages!

2. Good Quality Packaging

Ensure that boxes used are strong with no dents or holes and be sure to use proper parcel tape rather than regular tape for durability.

3. Use Packing Material

Fill any gaps inside the boxes with old newspapers to avoid damaging the products.

4. Do not Overfill

Evenly distribute the belongings in each box and don’t make them too heavy otherwise they are at risk of damaging other boxes or being dropped.

5. Pack by Room

When you pack always do so in view of unpacking; rather than putting a mixture of different rooms in one box, clearly divide them so that you can direct where they need to be unpacked.