Property Viewing ChecklistA Property Viewing Checklist can be worth its weight in gold!  Has anyone been murdered at the property? This is where Google is worth it’s weight in gold enabling you to search out press articles yourself.

It may sound something of a radical statement but if you are going to view a house with a view to putting in an offer and are wondering why it’s so ridiculously cheap, then there’s usually a very compelling reason why! So, apart from the unlikely, but dramatic reason, what else should you look for when searching out your dream property? Here’s a valuable property viewing checklist to help you on your way:​  Click below for our full printable version of our Property Viewing Check List.
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Our Top Ten questions to include in your Property Viewing Checklist are:

  1. What is the Council Band? (And double check it directly yourself too)
  2. What Rights of Way exist over the property and paths, if any?
  3. How long has it been on the market?
  4. Has it had any offers on it, if not why not and is so, how much for? (Cheeky, but you may be able to find out)
  5. Who are the neighbours? What are they like? Have there been any neighbour disputes? (They may not tell the truth but look them in the eye as you ask and see if they twitch)
  6. Who lives upstairs/downstairs/next door, particularly relevant if a flat or apartment
  7. When was it last rewired?
  8. Is there a chain?
  9. Why are the vendors selling? How long have they lived there?
  10. How old is the boiler? What renovations have been carried out? What is the state of the wiring? (All potentially expensive items)

Other tips to ensure success (and that you don’t end up making a mistake when buying a property) include:

  1. Take pictures as you go round so that you can refresh your memory later as you’ll find they all start to merge into one eventually after so many viewings
  2. View at different times of day to see what the light levels are like
  3. Look at the adjacent streets and Google the area to look at crime statistics and other pertinent information
  4. Walk up and down the local area and chat to residents (not neighbours next door as they will either be friends with the seller or anxious to get rid of them). Local residents are much more likely to be honest about what it’s like to live in the area
  5. Look at neighbouring properties. Are they run down? If you are buying a flat then next door’s problems could spill over and become your problem if you are not careful.

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Nothing should faze you and nothing should be too much trouble for the seller. This is a hugely expensive purchase so you have a duty to yourself, to (ask the vendor politely first) open cupboards , turn on heating, run the taps, look for damp, check that light switches work, ensure all doors open and shut properly, check the state of the windows etc. Finding defects could give you a strong bargaining tool and save you a lot of money at the end of the day as, indeed, using an online estate agent can, so before you do anything else, talk to a member of our professional, experienced team of online estate agents today to see how we can save you a packet, too.

Click Here For The Property Viewing Check List