What questions should you ask?

What questions should you ask?

So what are the kind of questions to ask when viewing a property?  The first thing to do when you have identified a property you would see with a view to putting in an offer, is to make a list of what questions to ask when buying a property.

There are several generic questions that you should always ask, regardless of whether it is a house being purchased freehold, or an apartment on a lease. Asking a few questions up front could literally save you thousands on the purchase price and a lot of money down the line on fixing problems you didn’t spot when viewing. It will also affect how much you have to spend out on a survey which could mean the difference between spending out a few hundred (say £400) on a mortgage valuation survey or spending over £1,000 on a full structural survey.
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What you spend out on the survey should you choose to put in an offer could be money well spent as it could save you from buying a property that has a lot of hidden problems (such as subsidence, cracked or bowing walls or inadequate construction, for example, how the roof and floor joists have been constructed). To identify these problems you will probably need a survey and so you have to take into account the price of the property compared to the size of mortgage you require should you purchase the property and the amount of work (if any) that you are prepared to undertake yourself.  Zevizo Properties has many years experience of helping sellers sell their property and helping buyers find the right property for them. So we thought it would be helpful to pass on our intelligence by way of summarising the most frequently asked questions that buyers put to property sellers to help you with your next house purchase. These questions you can ask while viewing the house:The area in which the property you are thinking of buying is located:

  • Have you ever had any disputes with the neighbours?
  • What are the local schools like?
  • Is there a local bus service into town?
  • Is it quiet here at night?
  • What is the parking like?

The property itself that you are thinking of buying:

  • Is the roof okay?
  • Does it have a damp proof course?
  • Has the property been rewired?
  • How old is the boiler?
  • How is the hot water heated?
  • Is there gas to the property or gas/electricity or oil?
  • Do you have any Guarantees for the work undertaken?
  • Is the property double-glazed?
  • Is there loft insulation?
  • Does the property have a burglar alarm?
  • Are there any smoke detectors?
  • Have you had any problem with damp or dry rot or woodworm which you have had to have treated?
  • Are there any shared services or walkways or paths or anything else that you think we should be aware of as buyers?

Once you’ve asked these general questions then it makes sense as you walk round the property to see if you can identify anything else that you think important such as the general state of the decoration and the floors/carpets; light sockets and fixtures and fittings and the bathrooms and kitchen – will they need upgrading? When where they installed?

Fixed fees also have to be factored in when you buy a property:  All these things can affect the valuation and also the cost of what you will have to pay out to replace any old items needs to be factored in over and above all the other fees such as the mortgage valuation fee, surveyor’s fees, estate agent costs and solicitor’s fees.

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We hoped you enjoyed our article “Questions to ask when viewing a property”.  Do you have any other questions you like to ask? Share them below and help others in your situation.