Photographing your property for rent or sale is one of the most important aspects of property marketing. The photograph is the window to your property and what it has to offer. The common saying “first impressions are everything” couldn’t be more true when it comes to marketing your property.

A photograph can tell a thousand words about the property and the type of landlord are. Show tenants your property in its best light from the outset can lead to good quality tenants and quick letting times.

Property Preparation

Before taking the pictures always ensure the property is neat and clean. Spend some time getting rid of any clutter making sure it’s put away and out of view. Straighten rugs, plump up cushions and make sure any chairs, sofas and furnishings are straight and laid out well to give the room its best look. Make sure all bins are closed or have lids and always put the toilet down. Finally, draw the curtains back to let all that good light in. If a room is empty try bringing in a chair or prop to give the room a sense of scale.

Setting the correct lighting

There are times when you have to use a flash but where possible, always try not to use it as the flash reflects harshly back at the lens and can create a lot of shadows. Use as much natural light as possible. Experiment turning on some of the internal lighting to fill the room with more light and highlight certain areas of the room. Turn on lamps to create an ambience. Always try and take your pictures in the middle of the day. If this is not possible you may need to bring in some small lamps to compensate for the lack of light, good positioning of these lamps can bring your pictures to life.

Taking the pictures

Don’t be afraid to go a bit snap happy and let your creative juices flow. Take as many pictures as you can, taking your time. Consider where are the best angles of the room and remember that the viewer’s eye will naturally gravitate towards the centre. At ZEVIZO Properties we like to take pictures from as many different angles as possible. There have been many times when we have come away with really good pictures from the weirdest camera angles so don’t be afraid to climb into small spaces or get on your hands and knees to get that perfect shot. Try to use a tripod as this will give you straight pictures with a professional edge and eliminate hand shake. One last thing is to always make sure you take a picture of the outside of the property. If you have to do this on a separate day when the weather is better then so be it. The picture of the outside of the property gives the viewer a real taste of what it might be like to live there.

Taking pictures of properties is an art form that some landlords neglect. Doing this correctly can mean getting your property let out quickly and to the right tenants.