Selling your property for a good price is a fine art. Take a look at these tips to help you get on the right track.

1.Get organised for quick action

Get all your documents together in an easily accessible pack. This means council tax documents insurance documents the lot. Being organised will help you react quicker when a buyer does come around and so there’s no delay in the buying process.

2.Be honest

Never lie about a properties location. It’s easy to find out if a road is being built behind the house or a huge new shopping centre means 1000 more cars to the area every day. Not being clear about these things may mean a deal falling through and being a total waste of your time and the time of the prospective buyer. Honesty is always the best policy.

3.Test the market

Your property has been for sale on the market a while and your worried. Why not drop the price and test to see your responses. If you get lots of viewings it’s a good indication your property was probably over priced if you still don’t any interest you may have to investigate further and may have a bigger problem. Remember dropping the price doesn’t mean you have to accept the offer you’re just testing to get that optimum value.

4.Does the price seem reasonable

We all want the maximum price when selling a house however sometimes we can all get a little over excited with the price. It’s always a good idea to ask the question “would I pay this much for the house?”

5.Research your area

Take a look at some of the houses that are on the market in the area. What’s their price? What’s there appeal? Does your property have any advantages over them? All these questions will help you position your property at the right price for the area.

6.Enhance the curb appeal

Internet marketing is great but curb side marketing is still strong. Making sure your property is looking clean and tidy from the outside is a must. If you need to give a wall a splash of paint or trim a hedge back do it! The curb side buyer wants to imagine walking into that house like it was their own so help them realise this image.

7.Clutter free

Inside the property prepare yourself for viewings. Make sure that the rooms are clutter free and no walk ways are blocked. Your goal is to open the inside up so that viewers can walk around freely and imagine their own furniture in each room.

8.Get a valuation

A must if you’re thinking of selling (or renting for that matter) a valuation is a good overview of the property and the area and will give you a range for you to aim at. If you’d like a valuation we can provide one for you FREE just click here.

9.Take a step back

If your property has been on the market over a year there’s no harm in taking it off the market and regrouping. Think about the possible reasons for the lack of interest and then act on them. Once you’re ready to put your home back on the market look at what you learned and take a fresh approach. Buyers in the market may be put off by a property that’s been marketed for a long time thinking it’s got a problem and so may not even bother enquiring.

10.Use an online agent

Online agents by nature provide almost everything a traditional agent offers but with reduced prices meaning you get more for your house when it comes to selling it. Take a look at our packages for more information on how you could save over £2000 when selling your home click here