So you’re looking for the best online estate agents?  We show you how to find them.

If you look for the best online estate agents, you’ll be able to save even more money and still get a really good service.

Once you’ve decided to sell your house, you will need to instruct an estate agent who will agree the terms of the sale and arrange viewings. Most people will automatically use a local estate agent rather than an online estate agent however they’re missing a huge trick.  The Online Estate agent can do everything that a traditional estate agent can do with one huge benefit.  The online agent can get you on average £4000 more for your property.

The online agent can get you on average £4000 more for your property.

When choosing an online estate agent if you want to make sure you get the best one available you need to make sure they can do the following:

Advertise on the Best UK Property Portals – Rightmove & Zoopla

Rightmove and Zoopla are the best in the business at driving Buyers to your property.  Some may disagree with this statement but you cant argue with the facts.

90% of buyers will go to either Rightmove or Zoopla first before contacting an estate agent.

The best online estate agents will be on these portals.  If yours is not, you need to sack them and get get an estate agent that will put your property in front of the majority of buyers.

Send your property to existing buyers

A good online estate agent, well any estate agent for that matter should be sending your property out to their existing buyer network.  If they don’t do this they are missing out on crucial buyer leads that may be looking for a property just like yours.

Estate Agent FOR SALE Board

Some people don’t like estate agent boards and we can understand where they are coming from. However not having one is

You will be asked to sign an agreement covering the fees so it’s worth shopping around as the fees generally amount to several thousands of pounds although the fees are usually a small percentage of the final sale price of the property.

Once you’ve accepted an offer you will have to complete information relating to items included in the sale – fixtures and fittings for example – and provide any other paper work relating to planning permission, Rights of Way etc.

This information goes to the purchaser’s solicitor and, once all details are finalised, the contracts are signed, deposits are paid and a completion date is agreed.

Solicitor’s fees are calculated and any loans that need to be repaid are calculated (mortgage redemption fees, for example) and estate agent’s fees are deducted.

On completion day the outstanding mortgages are paid, together with any fees and the residual balance from the sale is transferred to you, the seller.

Buying and selling a property is one of the largest single financial transactions a person undertakes during their lifetime. It’s a complex legal procedure. The best online estate agents have set up their marketing systems to facilitate buying and selling of properties easily and to ensure that all legalities are carried out efficiently without any unnecessary expenditure on your behalf.

Traditionally, if you wanted to buy or sell a house you would appoint an estate agent on the high street and also look for a solicitor on the high street. These days it’s possible to shop around online where you will find the best online estate agents who can save you a great deal of money and still provide an outstanding service. They can do this because they do not have to pay for expensive premises and marketing costs associated with having a physical presence in the high street and paying for extra staff.

Today most searches for properties start online so you’ll find that the best online estate agent, like Zevizo Properties, are very savvy with their online marketing and can sell your property quickly and efficiently at a greatly reduced price, saving you time and money. Time that you can spend on getting ready for your move and money that you can be spending on new items for your house.