These days selling your house can be a daunting experience.  With many properties going to market everyday making sure you choose the correct method to sell is more important than ever to have a successful sale.  The main choices are using a traditional estate agent, using an estate agent online, or going it alone and trying to sell by yourself.

Your neighbours are your competition and if your going to have a successful house sale you need to make sure your property stands the best chance.  Whether you’re looking at using an estate agent online or using a more traditional route it’s important to remember these points.

  • The fees you pay at the end of the sale will heavily influence the amount of money you make when selling your home.
  • Your property must be available for as many buyers as possible meaning it needs to be where 95% of buyers search, Rightmove and Zoopla

You need to make sure your property has the best chance possible with good marketing coverage and maximum access to property buyers around the UK, but don’t want to pay the large fees of the high street estate agent? then selling online may be the option for you.  Commonly referred to as online estate agents these companies can save you a lot of money (in some cases over £5000) but with little or no compromise on service.

If you’re confused at what estate agents online can actually do for you, take a look at this amazing info graphic our team at Zevizo Properties have just produced.  It highlights some of the aspects of online estate agents, and how they can help you.  Its all about helping you get more money for your property.

The infographic covers details such as how selling properties online came to be and how online estate agents are trying to help vendors like yourself save money without compromising on service.

The Infographic explores some common misconceptions about estate agents that are based online and covers points such as:

  • How does the online estate agent work?
  • Do estate agents based online provide viewings?
  • How valuations and property visits performed?
  • How do they charge such low fees?
  • How they help you right up to completion date so you’re never on your own?

These points and more will help you understand that times are changing in the property industry, and as more and more people choose online estate agents to sell their home. The future looks more promising for property sellers around the UK.

Are you looking to make the maximum from your house sale? Selling a property using an online estate agent is designed to be a very easy process, and doesn’t have to be a wild step into the unknown.  Take a look at the infographic below:

Guide to estate agents online

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