What sells a house? This question is asked to us frequently and is always a tricky one to answer. Reasons why buyers are attracted to a house changes all the time sometimes its budget, sometimes its circumstance, sometimes it’s the area. There could be a heap of reasons. To help we have written this quick guide with reasons as to what sells a house?

1. Outside presentation

First impressions are everything and to the roadside buyer the outside presentation says wonders about the potential of a property before they have even stepped through the door. Make sure that the outside of your house is always looking neat and tidy.

2. Inside decor

This is a no brainer really a tidy inside decor is a must and helps the buyer use their imagination a bit. The inside decor is always a good indication on how the property has been looked after and the type of house seller you are.

3. Viewing

The viewing is very important; if you’re too pushy a prospective buyer might get nervous and be put off making an offer. A viewing can be used to get to know the buyer on a more personal level and help them make a decision. After all if their decision comes down to two properties and one is with someone they don’t like but the other is with a person they do like who do think is going to get the first or more serious offer?

4. Price

Probably one of the most important decisions when selling your house. Price is a major factor for buyers. It’s a complete balancing act, you can put your property at the highest range in the market and if the property decor, outside presentation don’t fit with the price of similar houses in the area you most likely not going to get any serious offers…if any. No one wants to have their property sitting on the market for 18 months or so and starting with the right price is half the battle. To make sure you have the right price why not get your property valued with our free valuation.

5. Area

The area of a house is massively important and attracts buyers for all sorts of reasons. Maybe the area is nearer family, or it’s in a good school catchment area or local amenities are nearby whatever the reason, make sure you capitalise on the area and its advantages.

6. Potential

Sometimes you will get potential buyers looking for a properties potential to fulfill a certain role. They could be looking to develop the area or add a loft conversion. Whatever potential they are looking for try to find out what this may be. You may be living in an area where there are property developers, why not approach them and inform them of the development benefits of your house.

7. Layout

Simpler the better is always a good motto when selling you house make sure that the property and its corridors are not obstructed and that the potential buyer can walk though the house freely. This will help the person visualise better. They may have a disabled relative looking to stay on weekends make sure you show the viewer that you property is easy to get around and free of obstructions.

When looking at what sells a house remember that its hard work and not easy to get right straight away. The trick is to keep evaluating your property and the market while its For Sale and try to appeal to different types of potential buyers.