How much is my house worth?

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If you ever asked the question, “How much is my house worth?” you’ll know that it can be a difficult one to answer.  If you’re selling a house or thinking of selling, knowing what your house is worth is a must before taking any further steps.

Making sure you know how much your house is worth is an essential question to make sure you get the amount of money for your home that you deserve.

So if you’re asking yourself the question “How much is my house worth?” you have come to the right place.  Our FREE valuation report looks at a range of factors that help you get the most accurate house valuation so you can be confident you know how much your house is worth.

What factors do we look at in our FREE Property Valuation?

When finding out how much a property is worth it’s important to look at many factors.  The reason for this is we don’t like surprises.  We like to try and get as much information as possible on the property to make sure our property valuations are as reliable as they can be.

Free Property Valuation Report

When looking at a property value we may typically look at the following factors:

  • Comparable Properties

Which properties in your area are similar to yours?  What did they sell for? Did they sell?

  • Buyers in the Market

We look at how many buyers are registered in your area.  More buyers, means more popularity, which in tern means you could sell faster and for more.

  • Local Amenities

Is there anything planned in your area?  Is the property near schools, good transport links etc

  • Local Area Performance

How is the overall area performing?  Do properties take a while to sell or do they sell quickly?

  • Heat Maps

Visual data to help show average prices in an area.  Visual heat maps are a great way to see street values and how local aspects affect property values.

  • Meters Squared

Which properties generate the most value per meter squared.

  • Census Heat Maps

How many people actually own a house in your area vs social housing?  Could you make more money renting rather than selling?

  • Currently On the Market

Which properties are currently on the market? And how long have they been there?

  • Sales Ratios

How much did a previous property sell for compared to how much it was marketed at? This data helps us understand if local demand is growing in your area.

  • Recent Sales

Lists of properties from your area that have recently sold.

  • Average House Prices Per Bedroom

What is the average price for how many bedrooms the property has? This highlights demand for types of properties. Lots of families?  Houses with higher bedrooms could be in more demand.

We know your thinking “That’s a lot of data to value my house!” It is! But we think its important to make sure the value of your home in as much detail as possible.  After all you don’t want to under sell!!

So what’s the next step?

The next step is getting a valuation report so you can stop asking “How much is my house worth?” and start moving to the next step of actually selling.

I’ve already had a property valuation what can I do to increase the value?

We have blogs dedicated to this take a look at our popular blog post The Ultimate Guide To Adding Value To Your Home

We hope you enjoyed our article ‘How much is my house worth?’. Do you have any ideas on increasing the value of your home?  Please feel free to leave a comment below.