Use home staging to sell your home.

Use home staging to sell your home.

Is Home staging important? The property state market can make it difficult for sellers to understand the best ways to sell their homes in less time.

From open houses, marketing their homes online and a variety of other methods, the one that still wins the hearts of home buyers every time is the staging. When a potential buyer can walk into your home and see themselves living there, it makes it much easier to convince them to buy.

There are two types of staging: reorganizing an occupied house to make it more appealing and staging an empty house by decorating and furnishing it. Studies have shown that staged homes sell for about 6 percent more than homes that are not staged and that 95 percent of homes sell in 11 days or less when staged by a professional.
The Types of Home Staging
Reorganizing is for homes that are currently occupied by the sellers. This type of staging includes decluttering, depersonalizing, rearranging furniture and changing paint colors.
If the home being sold is empty, estate agents can stage the home with furniture, wall colours and lighting. This will give them home a brighter and larger presence for the potential buyers.

Home Staging Costs
Staging a home can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds, to thousands depending on the size of the home. Much of this cost can be recovered when the home sells but it is best not to spend too much. If you’re hesitant about spending money for staging, you can try putting the house on the market for a few weeks first to see how it does. If it doesn’t get much interest after potential buyers see it, try staging and see if that makes a difference.
Remember, when staging a home, make it appealing to the potential buyer so they can see themselves living in your home. This will give you the best results when selling your home.

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