Crucial steps when buying a house

Crucial steps when buying a house

Whats the best time of year to sell your house? Its an important question that can be a sticking point for many!

Selling your house can be a tricky proposition at any time of year.  When looking for the best time of year to sell your house, most estate agents will advise you to wait until the Spring when the weather is better. Property photography plays a large part in the marketing of any property and if the weather is dark and damp, say in the Winter, it will not photograph as well as if the sun is out, the lawn is green and there is blossom on the trees. Having said all that, people need to move home for a variety of reasons and it may be that you can’t wait several months in order to put your house on the market, in which case follow these tips to maximise the full potential for marketing your property.

Make sure you have undertaken all necessary repairs and maintenance.

Check guttering, redecorate, replace old carpet, tidy up borders and repair anything that’s broken or cracked. We know of one vendor who added £50,000 on to the asking price of his property because he had renovated the property well and it had been maintained to a high standard.

Choose a good estate agent who can analyse buyers’ needs and who knows the market well.Working with a good estate agent in partnership, you will be able to maximise the opportunity for viewings. Make yourself available for viewings, don’t make it difficult for buyers and make sure that you’ve had a good tidy round before any viewings. It’s true what they say about putting on a fresh pot of coffee, get rid of any lingering pet smells and make sure the house if full of flowers or smells fresh.

No one is thinking about moving at Christmas so that’s a toughy if you need to sell at that time of year.Most people are on holiday or have put their money into Christmas or they are psychologically thinking about New Year/New Job/New challenges so don’t want to go house hunting in the run up to Christmas. You could put it on the market then, of course, you can do what you like, but you will probably find that a new set of pictures, and re-marketing of the property in the Spring is required as, lo and behold, it hasn’t sold!

Spring and summer are the best times to market a property but not August, or the school holidays, when everyone is on holiday!

It’s a numbers game at the end of the day – the more people through the door, the more viewings, the more opportunity there is for offers to be made and the more likelihood there is that you will be offered the asking price or a good offer near to it and be able to move on. If you’ve done your property up to a good standard and it’s a sought after size/price/location then your estate agent may suggest you hold an Open Day. This is good news as it creates an atmosphere of competition and you are very likely to sell the house within 24 hours to 48 hours of it going on the market.

Working with the expert property team at Zevizo Properties, the online estate agent, will also help you maximise your chances of selling the property as we are online 24x7x365 for property viewings online; can advise on the property description, floor plans and property photography to maximise the number of requests to book a viewing and, most importantly, the savings we make on having bricks and mortar offices and staff means that we can invest heavily into our own online marketing ensuring that your property is seen on all the UK’s major property portals.

So pick a great estate agent who is ahead of their time and save thousands of pounds in fees, too, and sell your property, no matter what the time of year.

Our Commitment to Great Service doesn’t stop there!

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