See how much your house is worth

How much is your home worth?

There are plenty of tools available to help you see how much your house is worth.  

Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to monetise your home by way of selling it or an investor who plans to purchase a new home, it helps to have an idea of what your house is worth or how much you’ll have to pay for a property you’re interested in.  So what tools can help you see how much your house is worth?

Here are some helpful tips to do so:

  • Use Mobile Apps

By downloading an app for either your iOS or Android phone, you can search for properties near where you’re currently located. By selecting “Get my current location”, you can get a list of properties and how much they’re selling for.

  • Check your Inbox

Now, you can be up-to-date on house prices and discounts as well as information on property through your email. By signing up, you can expect to receive email alerts when a property you’re interested in has been sold or has been offered for a lower price.

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  • Be Mindful of Your Council Tax Band

If you are looking to buy a house, it is of utmost importance to know what affects the price of the property you intend to acquire. These include home insurance, how many mortgage payments still have to be made and council tax. It’s equally important to check if your council tax band has any discrepancies. If there are, you might be looking at getting a rebate.

  • Use UK Local Area

If you want to find out about your potential neighbours and other important information regarding the area, this property valuation tool is where you can get local area information as well as house prices, statistics and crime levels, among others. There’s also a tool you can use to check out nearby restaurants and pubs. By entering the postcode, you can get information on employment, age demographic and the profile of the neighbourhood.

  • More Neighbourhood Statistics

This is a must when you want to see how much your house is worth.  You can visit the site of Neighbourhood Statistics for details and statistics about certain communities like available services, poverty, fire occurrences as well as average life expectancies. For other regions, you can also visit Neighbourhood Information and Scottish Neighbourhood Stats.

  • Map Out the Noise

People are also concerned about how much traffic is there in certain areas as well as noise pollution. The is part of the Government project that focuses on the noise brought about by rail, air and road traffic as well as industries. The prices of properties in these urban areas will depend on the numbers yielded by the mapping.

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  • Google Maps and Gmaps Pedometer

These tools are useful to measure the distance between two points or locations. Although these tools are used to find directions and the walking distance between two locations, respectively, these two can be of great help in determining property values. If the area is near schools, parks, supermarkets and hospitals, properties in this location can have some more expensive prices.

  • Use Homecheck

A good way to see how much your house is worth.  This website is a great tool to find out the risks of your current or potential property with regards to flooding and environmental problems. For only a small cost, you can enter the postcode and get detailed neighbourhood information and see if a certain property is at risk for flooding. You might also want to throw in extra money to get a Home Report of the properties for sale, although it is only for the ones situated in Scotland.

  • Take Advantage of Valuation Tools

There are websites that offer free valuation tools to help you see how much your house is worth and estimate the value and price of properties. By entering your postcode, you’ll be given the estimated value of your home. Property estimation will depend on different factors and will also give you an idea of what price range your home is included in. It is also a useful tool to determine home improvements you might want to consider to give your property an increased value. If you are wondering how this works, the answer is simple. By answering some questions in connection to the condition of your home and using the free home calculator, you will know the nearest price estimate for your home. Questions include the number of bedrooms, parking availability, conversions as well as if your property has a garden or not. This property valuation tool is an effective way to have an idea of how much a property can be sold for.

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  • Make Comparisons

Another tool you can use is to check property listing sites with similar properties as yours in the same area. Simply comparing two properties located in a certain area but different in the number of rooms and amenities will not give you accurate figures. Moreover, you might also want to check out the recent properties that have been sold in the past months to give you some information on the current status of the property market.

  • Research on How Much Sellers Got Paid for Their Properties

By checking out the properties that have been sold in property listings, you can find out how much the sellers were paid for their houses. You can even find photographs, details and in some, floor plans of the properties. Also, you can compare old house prices and access old listings. Now that we live in a digital age, you can “virtually” gain access to all kinds of information.

  • Go for a Second Opinion

There is an online tool you can use where you will be given both the upper and lower value of your property and at the same time, you download a document guide which also lists doctors and schools in the vicinity. By simply entering your email address and answering some questions, you can have an idea of how much your property is worth.

  • Get an Overview of the Housing Market

To find out the average market value of houses by region or country as well as different property types, the House Price Index of the Land Registry will be a big help in this aspect. The agency has the information about real sales and data about all the properties sold in England and Wales. Halifax also has its official house price index which includes a regional house price map categorised by the postcode. The Nationwide’s House Price Index also gives a more accurate and extensive analysis as well as downloadable regional and national house price data.

To see how much your house is worth there are many tools available. It doesnt matter if you are a seller or a future homeowner using these tools will surly help. Just pick what applies to you so as not to waste your time and money.  

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