Get the most from your home

Get the most from your home

So how to get asking price for your home? I hear you say….Presentation, Price and Promotion – these are the three key things that count when you first put your house on the market.

Pricing your house for sale

It can still be a challenging market for sellers: the highest level of interest in a property is when it first comes on the market.

Look at sales prices in your area and compare sales prices of similar properties to yours as that is your local competition and ask your local estate agent as they know what will get the job done. You will also need to factor in stamp duty thresholds and house price data which is free and easy to find.

Presenting your house for sale

It’s true what they say, “first impressions count,” so take your time before you unveil your property.

De-clutter, tidy the garden and freshen up the paintwork.

Stick to one palette when painting and if your taste has been different colours in every room try and return it to neutral colours before you market the property otherwise it could be very distracting to potential buyers.

Marketing your propertyWhen you finally get round to marketing your property, it’s worth paying extra to get your property featured so everyone looking sees it first. The asking price is important. Everyone likes a perfect property but on the other hand people do not like too much personalisation and everyone likes to put their own stamp on their new home. While they may not put in a new kitchen and bathroom if they are up to standard, if you’ve put in highly personalised units that are not to everyone’s taste, this will have to be reflected in the asking price. A bright red and black kitchen will not be to everyone’s taste!

How much should you spend on doing up your property in order to get the best price is always going to be a fine balancing act. Price it competitively if you want a quick sale and take your estate agent’s advice.

At the end of the day it’s a judgement call between wanting to get the full asking price and not being so greedy that you price yourself out of the market compared to similar properties in the area.

With Zevizo Properties you are covered by our no quibble, a fixed price so you know where you stand financially and it’s in our interests to get your house sold, too, so we will work with you to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome. Contact a member of our property sales team on tel: 0800 228 9014 to request a call back or email us at to find out exactly what we can do to help you get your property sold.