Time it takes to sell a house

Time it takes to sell a house

So what is the average time to sell a house? The average time it takes to sell a house in the UK is about  6-8 weeks.

Of course, the timescales vary depending on a host of circumstances, what the market is doing, what area are your selling in etc.

Research by Rightmove has highlighted it can take on average 65 days to sell a house.  With the people of Cambridge taking 27 days to find a buyer.  The area with the slowest time to find a buyer was Powys in Wales.

Of course, it is all relative as, if you are moving house, then you will also be putting in a ‘lower’ offer on the house you are moving to in line with market expectations and what your estate agent advises. Some houses can take around 6 months, a year or even 18 months and some failing to find a buyer at all until the seller got realistic and decided to reduce their price.

Even if a house is being sold as a Probate Sale, meaning the owner has died and it the property is currently empty, there are still certain steps that need to be done and these can effect the time it takes to sell. These are, the Local Authority Searches which show any local improvement plans e.g. is a bypass due to be built nearby (which could affect the value of the house) etc. Then the house has to have a survey, particularly if it will have a mortgage on it as the mortgage company will want to know that their loan is secured by an asset that is worth more than the loan. There are various different types of survey ranging from the cheapest ie a survey for valuation purposes (for the mortgage lender) up to a full structural survey which will look for significant defects such as subsidence.

All these will affect the timescale it takes to sell a house.

It will help if you get yourself in order – anything from being available for viewings, to having a solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer in place and, of course, instructing an estate agent. With Zevizo, you can choose from a range of seller packages to suit your budget. These are:

Sales Package Option 1: Our most popular – £445 and that’s it! – ideal if you are confident that your house will sell quickly.

Sales Package Option 2: £995 on completion – probably a good choice if you are not sure what will happen.

Sales Package Option 3: 0.8% on completion – no up front fees. Ideal if you think it may be a long drawn out process.

So with the right experts and services in place around you it should be possible to sell your house within a few weeks. It has been known to get a solicitor to exchange within a few hours – mostly overseas cash buyers, but this is rare so be realistic when setting your goals to move.

Ask and do make sure you get the best people in place to assist you as this will speed things up and ensure things have every chance of going smoothly.